Parody of Clint Eastwood and his Super Bowl Ad

Neat parody of  Clint Eastwood’s Chrysler ad, emphasizing more of the ugly details of the Obama bailout of Chyrsler with a little humor to boot (via Hotair):


Media Lies About Obama “Compromise” with Catholics

CNN reported yesterday that the Obama administration just announced they’re willing to compromise with Catholics over the HHS mandate.

Great…except…it’s a complete fabrication. And I mean a complete fabrication.

Go and read the truth and listen the video HERE.



The Islamic Circle’s billboard at Interstate 70 and 38th Street in Kansas City, Kan., says, “Shariah: Got questions? Get answers? Call 1-855-Shariah.

World Net Daily

Via Atlas

WND EXCLUSIVE Billboard offers defense to Shariah threats

‘They don’t want Americans to know truth about gendercide, honor killings, stonings’

A patriotic organization is launching a billboard campaign intended to undermine the efforts to advertise and promote Shariah, the Islamic law that calls for beheadings, executions and amputations, across America.

The group, Stop Islamization of Nations, is buying ad space for a billboard calling on people to learn the dark side of Shariah law.

The effort’s leader, Pamela Geller, says her group, has one real purpose – to counter the impact of the pro-Shariah billboard campaign of the Islamic Circle or North America, an alleged Muslim Brotherhood front organization.



The Gellerwomanphone can ring at any time. When it does it means I might be called upon to help fight Jihad. This time it rang midday, instead of 3AM. By 5 O’clock she had her vision, a direct copy of the original billboard asking people if they have FATWA. If so, get HELP.

Brilliant. This is why they hate her.


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Whatever Happened To The Pro-Life Obama Website?Whatever Happened To The Pro-Life Obama Website?