Dead People can Vote!

Again, this is not exactly news in the MSM. As it would make Obama and his lacky Eric Holder look stupid (again).

Here we have a prime example of why requiring voters to show ID at the ballot box is important, and a common-sense safeguard against fraud. Good grief, the Project Veritas decoys in this video didn’t even have to know their own addresses. They just had to confirm them when the precinct workers read them out loud. The only thing they had to worry about was the off-chance one of them might recognize the deceased’s name, but overall it is clear that this type of scheme is way too easy to pull off.

On January 10th, Project Veritas reporters walked into New Hampshire Polling Locations during the Presidential Primaries, saying dead people’s names. We stated the name of a dead person we got from the NH obituaries. The names of the deceased were both Registered Republican and Democrats And in almost every case, saying a dead person’s name, we were handed a ballot to cast a vote. We used no misrepresentation and no false pretenses. in fact, in almost every case, we insisted we show ID and they insisted that we vote without showing ID.


Debbie Does Class Warfare: People Doing Well Should Not Be Doing “Better”…(okay, old enough to remember Debbie Does Dallas. Some porno guy out there should make a new updated version “Debbie Does Class Warfare” or “Debbie Does OWS” and of course a look-a-like for Debbie here)

It’s physically impossible for Wasserman Schultz to open her mouth without saying something stupid.


And more Debbie! Now it is “Debbie Does Tea Party Hatred”…

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., speaking in New Hampshire this morning, reminded her audience of the tragic Tucson shooting last year — and also insinuated that the Tea Party, which she said regards political opponents as “the enemy,” has enhanced divisiveness in Congress and had something to do with the shooting, at least indirectly.

(keep in mind, Debbie only does and says what her handlers tell her. her handlers being in no order: democrats, liberals, muslims, obama, michelle.)


The U.S. State Department’s number two was to sit down Wednesday with Muslim Brotherhood party leaders, as Egypt prepared to wrap up marathon elections that propelled Islamists to the centre stage of politics.

Washington has been reaching out to the Brotherhood in a nod to Egypt’s new political reality, with Islamists poised to dominate the first parliament since a popular uprising ousted veteran president Hosni Mubarak in February.

U.S. Deputy Secretary of State William Burns “will meet leaders of the (Brotherhood’s) Freedom and Justice Party at their headquarters in Cairo,” FJP spokesman Ahmed Sobea told AFP.

“It will be the highest-level meeting with any official from the United States,” Sobea said.

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(what, is the Israeli hating state department getting together with the muslim brotherhood to find ways to destroy Israel and Jews?)


Obama’s War on Energy


Cheap energy = wealth, and expensive energy = poverty. That correlation is obvious, so the Obama administration has to pretend that it is not suppressing American energy development, even as it does everything in its power to make us poorer. The administration’s latest misleading claim is that leases for energy exploration on public lands increased by 20% in 2011. That is true, but what Obama fails to note is that the increase is measured against the historic collapse in leasing that has occurred during the Obama administration. The Institute for Energy Research sets the record straight. This chart shows each of the last five administrations stacks up with respect to BLM leases:

Go to site for this chart….

The real question, of course, is how much petroleum is being recovered from public lands. Because of three years of Obama anti-energy policies, energy development is down substantially:

Oil production on federal lands is down 13 percent in 2011: 97,721,813 barrels in 2011 versus 112,124,812 barrels in 2010.

This is what happens when we have an administration that thinks Americans consume too many resources, which is to say, live too well.


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