China to get Canada’s Oil and also Brazil’s Oil

Where are the journalists (in pay to obama by the way)  investigating Obama’s failure to make us energy independent?

Where is their outrage at the billions wasted on “green companies” that have gone bankrupt taking all our money with them?

Where’s a demand for an explanation as to why China is getting oil from Brazil because we’ve done nothing about it?

Off the coast of Rio de Janeiro — below a mile of water and two miles of shifting rock, sand and salt — is an ultradeep sea of oil that could turn Brazil into the world’s fourth-largest oil producer, behind Russia, Saudi Arabia and the United States.

The country’s state-controlled oil company, Petrobras, expects to pump 4.9 million barrels a day from the country’s oil fields by 2020, with 40 percent of that coming from the seabed. One and a half million barrels will be bound for export markets.

The United States wants it, but China is getting it.

Less than a month after President Obama visited Brazil in March to make a pitch for oil, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was off to Beijing to sign oil contracts with two huge state-owned Chinese companies.

The deals are part of a growing oil relationship between the two countries that, thanks to a series of billion-dollar agreements, is giving China greater influence over Brazil’s oil frontier.

Chinese oil companies are pushing to meet mandatory expansion targets by inking deals across Africa and Latin America, but they are especially interested in Brazil.

Where’s the anger at the abuse Obama continues to heap on Americans with him giving even more millions to companies for bio-fuels we already know are not as efficient and cause food commodity prices to skyrocket?

Two days after President Barack Obama blocked construction of a major oil pipeline, his administration is touting its efforts to expand domestic production of renewable energy.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced Friday that his agency has approved a $25-million conditional loan guarantee to build a 55,000-square-foot biorefinery plant in Iowa.

The Fiberight facility will produce cellulosic ethanol by converting municipal solid waste and other industrial pulps into “advanced biofuels,” the news release said.

The project is expected to create 38 jobs and save 16 jobs. By contrast, expansion of the Canada-Texas Keystone XL pipeline would create thousands of jobs; some estimates say as many as 20,000.


From Bob Gorrell


E-Z to follow instructions: how to escape any traffic stop without a ticket!

Stopped for a traffic violation and don’t want to get hit with an expensive ticket? Just follow these simple instructions:

1. When the police officer asks for your driver’s license and registration, state: “No habla ingles.”

2. As the police officer figures out how to react, recite the following sentence (preferably using a exaggerated accent): “I am an illegal alien to the United States.”

3. Before the police officer can react to your second statement, close the deal with: “You are not allowed to ask for my papers. Eric Holder said so.

4. After the police officer shrugs, closes his traffic investigation pad and sends you on your way, put the car in D (not R, heh) and slowly drive away from the scene. Try not to unleash an evil cackle.

Note: If you are hassled at all, contact La Raza or some other separatist front group for the government of Mexico and figure out how to sue the city, town or county in question.

After all, according to the Obama administration and the Holder DOJ, no one has a right to ask you for your papers. And anyone who does so must be profiling.



Want a girlfriend? Go to the Used Girlfriend Lot.


The Obama administration has decided to wait until after the November election to start forcing church-affiliated institutions to comply with a new rule that employers cover birth control free of charge through their health plans.

Friday’s announcement by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius does not apply to houses of worship. Churches, synagogues, mosques and other places of worship were already exempt from the birth control coverage rule. But in many cases, other religious-affiliated employers such as hospitals and universities traditionally have not provided any birth control coverage for their employees. They were seeking a broader exemption that would allow them to continue that practice.

The new rule is part of a package of improved preventive services for women under President Barack Obama’s healthcare overhaul. Birth control is on a list of services that most workplace health plans will have to cover free of charge to employees.

Instead, the one-year extension applies to nonprofit institutions such as church-affiliated hospitals, universities and social service organizations. They will now have until August 1, 2013, to comply. Because of the way health insurance plans work, their employees will not have access to the new coverage until January 1, 2014, in most cases.

Birth control use is virtually universal in the United States, and most employer health plans already cover it, usually with co-pays for employees. Last year, an advisory panel from the prestigious Institute of Medicine recommended that the government require birth control coverage as preventive care under Obama’s law, meaning it would become available free of charge. Sebelius quickly agreed, issuing a new federal regulation.

But religious groups complained that a conscience exemption included in that rule was too narrowly written. Catholic hospitals, which defied the bishops to support passage of Obama’s healthcare law in Congress, were among those who objected.

Sebelius said her decision Friday was carefully considered. “I believe this proposal strikes the appropriate balance between respecting religious freedom and increasing access to important preventive services,” Sebelius said in a statement.

Nonetheless, conservatives in Congress are already pursuing legislation to try to block the regulation. And Republican presidential candidates say they would derail it also, by repealing the healthcare law if elected.

Read the article here.

(see, obama regime is pushing this off until after the election. after all, don’t need any bad publicity from this to affect his chances. and if perchance he is not elected? let the republicans deal with this mess)



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