Taking down Civil War monuments

Anonymous asked:
I don’t know if you’ve written about it at all, but what do you think about people taking down Civil War monuments? My city just took down one that memorialized the brave men who fought for the South, very young men who themselves didn’t own slaves. In fact, evidence has shown only 3% of all Civil War era Americans owned slaves, and they were typically the aristocrats in the South and in the North. I just feel this is a very strong case of “Victors write the history books.”

I don’t agree with it. They are statues. It’s no different from the feminist students at Wellesley College who had a meltdown and forced the school to remove a statue of a man in his underwear as it symbolises ‘rape culture.’ They don’t have the slightest clue of what rape culture is yet they complain about it being perpetuated today. Just like most blacks today and their regressive white sjw pets have no idea about slavery or the civil war but they still complain about it perpetuating white supremacy and slavery. It only represents something bad if you let it and you perpetuate it yourself, otherwise it’s just a piece of concrete.

Everyone is walking around with their feelings on their shoulders just looking for any excuse to feel outraged. I know it’s in trend (especially with ISIS and the left) to erase and rewrite history to fit their dreamy perfect utopia future but is this really the direction we want to go in? Where do we draw the line in erasing history that we don’t like? Activists have even tried digging up the graves of these soldiers from 150 years ago, all to spare the feelings of black people today? You’re quite right, the idea that all of white America should be held accountable for slavery and all of black America are victims of slavery is one of the most laughable and ridiculous narratives the left have ever produced.

I’m concerned that people are becoming so obsessed on erasing all history they don’t like without actually knowing anything about it to begin with. What’s next? All our presidents prior to Lincoln being shut out of history? It’s already happening with our historic explorers, writers, poets and inventors. In fact, BLM students at Columbia University have started to place KKK hoods over Thomas Jefferson statues and Jefferson statues have already been removed from around the country. Under special circumstances I can understand the removal of certain monuments but I’m just worried about this spiralling, misguided trend that is currently taking place. Let me know what you guys think of it 🙂 xx

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