Ted NUGENT: Trampled by the Regulatory Beast

Rule-minding zombies are overwhelming rugged individuals

There are many stunning differences between President Obama and Mitt Romney, but surely one of the most glaring is the president’s addiction to federal regulations and the GOP contender’s pledge to slash them.

At one time in the not-so-distant past, America was dedicated – even addicted – to freedom and common sense. Those days are past. Americans now need to have warning signs that say “Caution: Fire is hot. Do not stick face in flames.”

All of us are aware of abundantly dumb rules, requirements and regulations. For example, if you hunt or fish, you almost need a law degree to follow and interpret all the various rules in the hunting and fishing regulations, which have quadrupled in size in the past 25 years. It is mind-boggling, to say the least.

The Regulatory Beast is everywhere. Little children are having their lemonade stands closed down by cops for not having a permit. Federal food cops have literally taken sack lunches away from children and then forced them to eat “healthy” government prepared food. Girl Scouts are rousted from their own driveways for selling cookies.

What has happened to America?

I don’t know how we let it happen, but America has become zombified by stacks and stacks of regulations that smother every facet of our lives. Author Philip Howard was right when he wrote “The Death of Common Sense” some 20 years ago.

Apparently, Americans have lost their will to be free, independent and ruggedly individual men and women and now need Fedzilla and his crony cousins Statezilla, Countyzilla and Cityzilla to keep us under their bloated, bureaucratic thumbs, protecting us from ourselves.

If all the pesky rules governing our lives are not dumb enough, the reams of new regulations passed since Mr. Obama took office are enough to sink the Bismarck and the Titanic in one fell swoop.

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A bill already passed by the Senate and set to be rubber stamped by the House would make it mandatory for all new cars in the United States to be fitted with black box data recorders from 2015 onwards.
Section 31406 of Senate Bill 1813 (known as MAP-21), calls for “Mandatory Event Data Recorders” to be installed in all new automobiles and legislates for civil penalties to be imposed against individuals for failing to do so.
“Not later than 180 days after the date of enactment of this Act, the Secretary shall revise part 563 of title 49, Code of Federal Regulations, to require, beginning with model year 2015, that new passenger motor vehicles sold in the United States be equipped with an event data recorder that meets the requirements under that part,” states the bill.
Although the text of legislation states that such data would remain the property of the owner of the vehicle, the government would have the power to access it in a number of circumstances, including by court order, if the owner consents to make it available, and pursuant to an investigation or inspection conducted by the Secretary of Transportation.
Given the innumerable examples of both government and industry illegally using supposedly privacy-protected information to spy on individuals, this represents the slippery slope to total Big Brother surveillance of every American’s transport habits and location data.



Will history repeat itself with our present regime?

The horrific event, known in Ukrainian as the Holodomor (literally, murder by starvation), took place in 1932-1933, less than twenty years after Ukraine was forcibly incorporated into the Soviet Union. Determined to force all Ukrainian farmers onto collective farms, to crush the burgeoning national revival, and to forestall any calls for Ukraine’s independence, the brutal Communist regime of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin embarked on a campaign to starve the Ukrainian people into submission.

The Soviet government confiscated all the grain produced by Ukrainian farmers, withheld other foodstuffs, executed anyone trying to obtain food, and punished those who attempted to flee. As a result, in the land called the Breadbasket of Europe, millions of men, women, and children were starved to death.



Holocaust Memorial Day Visions Of Horror-Eisenhower, Bradley and Patton at Ohrdruf Concentration Camp

During the camp inspections with his top commanders Eisenhower said that the atrocities were “beyond the American mind to comprehend.” He ordered that every citizen of the town of Gotha personally tour the camp and, after having done so, the mayor and his wife went home and hanged themselves. Later on Ike wrote to Mamie, “I never dreamed that such cruelty, bestiality, and savagery could really exist in this world.” He cabled General Marshall to suggest that he come to Germany and see these camps for himself. He encouraged Marshall to bring Congressmen and journalists with him. It would be many months before the world would know the full scope of the Holocaust — many months before they knew that the Nazi murder apparatus that was being discovered at Buchenwald and dozens of other death camps had slaughtered millions of innocent people.
General Eisenhower understood that many people would be unable to comprehend the full scope of this horror. He also understood that any human deeds that were so utterly evil might eventually be challenged or even denied as being literally unbelievable. For these reasons he ordered that all the civilian news media and military combat camera units be required to visit the camps and record their observations in print, pictures and film. As he explained to General Marshall, “I made the visit deliberately, in order to be in a position to give first-hand evidence of these things if ever, in the future, there develops a tendency to charge these allegations merely to ‘propaganda.’”

His prediction proved correct. When some groups, even today, attempt to deny that the Holocaust ever happened they are must confront the massive official record, including both written evidence and thousands of pictures, that Eisenhower ordered to be assembled when he saw what the Nazis had done.





President Obama was visiting Ohio today and tried to take credit for the Buckeye state’s economic resurgence.

Obama, speaking Wednesday at Lorain County Community College in the Cleveland-area town of Elyria, touted his support for investment in job training programs that connect community colleges with unemployed workers, programs he warned the Republicans would “gut” under their budget blueprint…

…Obama’s trip to Ohio — the 20th of his presidency, according to CBS News — was ostensibly official, and not a campaign event. But he again used the congressional Republicans as a proxy to frame the general election case against Romney. [Ed.: and again stuck taxpayers with the bill for his campaign expenses.]

…”What’s the better way to make our economy stronger? Give more tax breaks to every millionaire and billionaire in the country, or make investments in education and research and healthcare and job training?” he asked.

In celebrating Ohio’s comeback, Obama is unintentionally repudiating his own policies. It turns out that, in spite of Obama, Ohio is 4th in the nation in job creation and tops in the Midwest. In the previous four years before Republican Gov. Kasich came into office, Ohio was 48th.




Food deserts, the term commonly used to describe poor urban areas that are bereft of healthy food choices, may not be the cause of obesity.

LOS ANGELES — Food deserts, the term used to describe poor, urban neighborhoods thought to be devoid of healthy food options, may not be as deserted as we think, according to new research reported by the New York Times.

Two new studies have challenged the common perception of food activists that lower-class urban areas have less access to fruits and vegetables and thus higher obesity rates.

One study, from the nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California, found that poor neighborhoods had nearly twice the amount of convenience stores and fast food restaurants as affluent areas, but also had access to more large supermarkets and chain grocery stores per square mile than their wealthier counterparts, Slate reported.

“It is always easy to advocate for more grocery stores,” Kelly D. Brownell, director of Yale University’s Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, told the Times. “But if you are looking for what you hope will change obesity, healthy food access is probably just wishful thinking.”

The other study, by the Santa-Monica-based RAND Corporation, focused on child obesity based on proximity to healthy and unhealthy food choices. The researchers, who studied over 13,000 Californian children aged 5 to 17, found that students’ weight and the types of food they ate were unaffected by the supermarkets or restaurants around them, according to Slate.

Within a couple of miles of almost any urban neighborhood, “you can get basically any type of food,” Roland Sturm, the lead author of the RAND Corporation study, told the Times. “Maybe we should call it a food swamp rather than a desert.”



via Action Alert – Best Buy: TV’s, Computers and Hamas :: Islamist Watch.

Think again before buying your next flat-screen television or computing device from Best Buy.

The struggling retail giant recently used profits from American consumers to fund the annual banquet of a group closely linked to Hamas. The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) recently listed Best Buy as a “Platinum Sponsor.” Best Buy has refused to rule out future support for CAIR through numerous messages to its public relations department. The big box retailer is already in chaos amid the recent resignation of its CEO for personal misconduct, dwindling sales and bond downgrades.

The United States government named CAIR an “unindicted co-conspirator” to fund the terrorist group Hamas in America’s most significant terror financing trial. The U.S. also identified CAIR as an agent of the Muslim Brotherhood, sharing the common goal of dismantling American institutions and turning the U.S. into a Sharia-compliant, Islamic state through incremental, stealth jihad.

And that’s only the beginning. For all the details and links, see the bullet points below — after the jump at the bottom of the post.

Utterly outrageous, yes. But outrage is not enough. Action is required. The Goal is a commitment from Best Buy to never again use profits from American consumers to finance Islamic radicals.

Here is how you can make a difference:




In Washington, D.C. a bunch of government workers were caught taking unemployment benefits while on the job.

Mayor Vincent C. Gray’s administration has fired 61 city employees for collecting unemployment benefits while working for the District government, city officials said Tuesday.

The city’s Department of Employment Services, which oversees the jobless-compensation program, said in February that dozens of current and former city workers had received the fraudulent payments.

The checks ranged from a few hundred dollars to more than $20,000 per employee since 2009 — or about $800,000 in all — according to city officials. The city suspended 92 employees, among them the 61 who have been recently terminated.

“We’re not going to tolerate this kind of activity in the government,” said Pedro Ribeiro, Gray’s spokesman. “The matter’s been turned over to the Office of the Attorney General, which will use civil litigation to recoup the money ,” he said, adding that Attorney General Irv Nathan “is planning to use the full extent of his authority.”

DOES Director Lisa Mallory said that since the February suspensions, the agency had discovered overpayments to more current employees. “We found another batch of 100,” she said in an interview Tuesday.




Want to know Obama’s grand solution to unemployment? Allow all lazy bastards milking the system for 52 weeks to now collect compensation WHILE THEY WORK!!!

The Obama administration is looking for states that will experiment with unemployment insurance programs by letting people test a job while still receiving benefits.

The plan is a key feature of a payroll tax cut package that President Barack Obama negotiated with congressional Republicans in February.

The Labor Department will open the application process Thursday for 10 model projects across the country. Any state can apply for the “Bridge to Work” program.

The plan is modeled after a Georgia program called “Georgia Works.” Under the plan, workers who have lost jobs can be placed in other temporary jobs as trainees for short periods to retain their skills or gain new ones while receiving jobless assistance. About a third of the time, those workers wind up getting hired full-time.

A number of states are combining unemployment benefits with on-the-job training, including North Carolina, New Hampshire, Utah and Missouri.

A senior administration official said those states would be eligible to apply for the federal demonstration project. The official spoke on condition of anonymity to describe the program before an administration announcement.

This is how it is justified:

Supporters of the programs say it helps workers retain or learn new skills and add new job references to their resumes. The plan passed with support from leading Republicans, including House Speaker John Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.


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