The bizarre illusion of the Leftist

The Leftist suffers under the bizarre illusion that he can advance the interests of the worker while destroying the interests of the customer; despite the fact that they are one and the same person. He says “We must have adequate work for the workers” and “ We must have adequate pay for the workers”.  But the purpose of labor is not pointless busy work, and money is only a medium of exchange. Ultimately it is the value that is created that matters;  or in other words goods and services that increase people’s quality of life. What sense can possibly be made of the idea of better work that is less productive, and better pay that yields a lower quality of life? And yet this was the path of the  planned Communist  economies which sought to “save” the workers from the market. Their guarantees of jobs and decent salaries meant nothing in the face of a continually deteriorating supply of goods and services.  There was no market present to weed out what had great value and worth from what did not; to weed out excellence from mediocrity . The eventual result was hungry, impoverished citizens standing on breadlines in a nation of  “full employment”.


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