The Book to Read SOON!

Okay, just got done reading this book (could not put it down once I started reading).

In the not-so-distant future, Andy Moss, an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) intern, discovers documents that implicate the U.S. government, now controlled by a fascist version of the EPA, in a massive political cover-up involving a nuclear testing project called THOR. Moss is killed by the authorities, but not before he turns the THOR documents over to his supervisor, Dale Crawford. As Crawford rushes against time to get the documents into the right hands, he encounters a country deeply divided by the restrictive policies of a corrupt political regime. Although the thinly drawn characters are mostly caricatures of particular political opinions, Burkett’s (The Illuminati, Nelson, 1992) novel is filled with the fast-faced action, suspense, and intrigue of a Clancy thriller.

Yes, it tells of a USA where freedoms have been removed! Where the government kills at random anyone who disagrees with them. An EPA (much like todays already!) that has it’s own army! And uses it to attack and kill anyone that is marked by the President and the EPA. Of the green party and it’s members who want to destroy all businesses, who want to destroy farms, and more!

Anyways, even though this was from 1995, it is like it was written today! So do check it out. From your library, bookstore or Amazon.

Amazon will actually pay me something if you purchase through this affiliate link of mine. Just click on the book cover below for more information and to purchase.

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