The denial of radical Islam

I’m terrified of the backlash that is going to come from the denial of radical Islam. We’ve already started to see some of it, but I believe it will get worse. The more terrorist attacks that happen, the more anger and fear will rise. And the more sjw’s refuse to deal with it, the more people will become desperate. Someone is going to snap (either for Islam or against), and it will lead to war. By the end of the decade Europe will either be under Islamic rule or muslim free. Both are unacceptable….

Helloo 🙂 We have already started to see the reaction to both the denial and acceptance of radical Islam. It’s not just the attacks that is creating the fear and anger in people, it’s the reply afterwards, telling us to ‘carry on as if nothing happened’ and ‘to get used to it,’ ‘it’s no ones fault,’ and ‘we will make no changes.’ These are all direct quotes from our leaders. Can you think of one non-terror related incident which has caused mass loss of life where afterwards our government has refused to overhaul safety regulations or laws to prevent it from happening again? So why the free pass when it comes to Islamic terror? Because they know the moment they try to make us safer, is the moment they will be accused of Islamophobia, which is career suicide for a politician.

And it’s not just terrorism either. They say not all Muslims are terrorists, which obviously is true, but what about those who hold radical views in accordance to Sharia and what is considered normal cultural practices in their countries? All of a sudden 1% becomes 50%. Rape, terror, child grooming, homicide, sexual assault, honor violence, radicalization and no-go zones are by no coincidence becoming out of control only within countries with an open border policy, every country with strict immigration policy have not one of these problems. Our politicians and the left deny the link, they refuse to investigate, they refuse to do anything to stop it. They have convinced themselves that once we let them in, they will assimilate and adopt our values and become regular citizens but this has not happened, this is not like any other wave of immigration, there has been no mass importation like this ever before, we have never seen such a failure, and it’s time to think twice about the impact it’s having instead of allowing it to continue at breakneck speeds.

After over a thousand white British girls were raped and tortured in Rotherham by Muslim Pakistani rape gangs which the police ignored for years, citizens marched in protest and they were shut down and attacked and called Islamophobic, for being angry that over a thousand children were sexually tortured and the police ignored it in fear of appearing racist? The same thing happens after every attack, to protest terrorism is Islamophobic and racist. In Europe, especially Italy, citizens are being forced out of their own homes so the government can house more migrants, their cities have been turned into no-go zones where women and most white people aren’t allowed to step foot in, these are towns they have spent their lives growing up in which they are now banned from entering as it will put their lives at risk. We have police departments bragging on twitter that they have arrested someone who said something mean about Islam while they refuse to investigate or restrict known jihadists. Then people like Trump are blamed for inciting hate when we say that we have had enough of it?

If the police and our politicians refuse to do anything to clean this mess up, who knows what is going to happen. There are very simple and easy steps that can be taken to ease the tension and prevent the West from self-destructing. It starts with being honest. We have to take a no-nonsense approach and tell the truth about what is happening so any prevention and safety measures we try to implement will stop being protested and thrown out because “it’s racist.” If we let the West succumb to the demise its anti-West supporters desperately seek, then global warming and Islamophobia is the last of our concerns. I am sure we will come to our senses, we have too much to lose to not make changes soon. Thanks for your input, feel free to message any time 🙂 xx


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