The great shame today

The great shame today is either being white or being proud to be American (or any other first world nationality).

Average citizens are being labeled Nazis and white supremacists for simply not hanging their heads in shame for being white or American and this is the justification used to assault them and call for their genocide.

There is a concerted effort currently being undertaken to rewrite American history and replace it with politically correct fiction, to demonize the West and sympathize with the Middle East.

I mean look at my college posts for examples and you’ll quickly understand how deeply the anti-American, anti-West, anti-white, anti-Israel, anti-Christianity have overtaken a large quantity of our youth. It’s no wonder they’re all so pro-Islam and pro-refugee.

There’s a reason why they stay in this “imperialist, white-supremacist, evil patriarchy,” because they wouldn’t have even a fraction of the freedom, rights and privileges that they take for granted and unwillingly seek to destroy.

They’re spoilt brats who just want to bite the hand that feeds them. History will not remember these people kindly.

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