The Idle Manager Myth

A common brunt of office jokes is that the boss doesn’t do anything; the team is doing all the work, anyone can see that. Sometimes, of course, it is true that there are managers who truly don’t do anything, but there’s another way of looking at the manager who seems to do nothing all the time other than walk around with a cup of coffee.

It could be that this is exactly his job, and he is good at it.

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That basically is what I did first as a supervisor then as a Post Master. Walk about, stand still, watch the employees, see what is going on, watch the mail volumes, and more. Yet employees would say I had a cushy job doing nothing! Used to take one at random and say, hey, follow me for a while and do this…After a bit the employees knew I was actually working. I could tell stories about employees and supervisors at the post office.

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