The Immigration Crisis

We still talk about immigration as if it in any way resembles the immigration our countries were built on. We have never had open borders, we are built on legal and controlled immigration and also the success of integration, not bringing in the smuggled masses and all their relatives with no questions asked. Europe is bringing in 6000 migrants every 24 hours with no identification, no background checks, no paperwork. It can only be called a catastrophe. It is a catastrophe that is being vastly understated by our entire political class as we continue to pay the price.

We have completely underestimated the scale of this challenge. Some on the right make the mistake of believing it’s incredibly easy to just simply stop the boats but more crucially, the left have made the colossal mistake of believing we are creating peace by allowing every single one of them in and once they’re in they will adopt our values, laws and lifestyles and everything will be peachy.

This is a fantasy, one with very evidently dangerous consequences. When you import in so many people who have been brought up to hate the West, to blame the West for the underdevelopment of their countries, to see the West as their dooming oppressors, you are importing a major problem. The surveys and polls that I have posted earlier and especially the endless attacks reflect the anti-West, radicalized views that are maintained long after being accepted into the country.

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