The Level of Spam

It is just funny as hell the number of nutjobs on the internet who really think that their porn comments on all my posts are actually gong to be okayed and seen by my visitors!

I love Akismet, it and my comment spam settings take automatic care of all spam coming into my blog with NO interaction on my part!

Only when I am bored and I check the Comments section do I see how many SPAM comments there are per day.

99% are porn, yes porn. From commenters in India, USA, Canada, Russia and my favorite source of porn comment spam is, this will make you wonder and laugh like I do, SAUDI ARABIA!!!

Anyways, just had to post that comment spam is taken care of without any work on my part.

Now, the number of people (probably really all bots) that try to login into my blog is slowly dropping…guess even bots finally figure out that they are shut out real quick when the try to log into my blog. And shut out for days at a time.

And slowly, but surely, all the spammers hitting my blog are being relegated to a part of my blog that blocks them from ever coming into my blog. All they get is a page that says, basically, you are banned.

Oh, and I ban ENTIRE countries!

Anyways, if perchance you are a real person, and somehow you got here with ideas of spamming my blog, now you know you are wasting your time, and that now I will say this to you:


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