The Obvious Reason Driving Schools Don’t Fear Autonomous Cars

Driving instructors are begging people to just read the owner’s manual.

The rise of autonomous cars is something out of a driving instructor’s worst nightmare. Without hordes of teenagers desperate for the freedom of the open road, they’d be out of a job. But instructors around the country say they aren’t worried yet, as autonomous cars aren’t quite here yet, and as drivers adapt to new technology, they’ll need teachers more than ever. But they’re already changing how people drive — and not for the better. Driving instructors across the country worry that people are already becoming too reliant on the autonomous and driver-assistant safety technology available to us, even as it saves lives.

In some ways, the technology creates its own problems. Sharon Fife, a Driving School Association of the Americas past president and owner of the D and D Driving School in Dayton, Ohio, says there are new risks for drivers who trust their assistive or semi-autonomous systems to do the work of property defensive driving for them.

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