The potato launcher was born to fight Nazis

How the Humble Potato Cannon Served the Allies in World War Two

Before it became a T-shirt tossing sensation, the potato launcher was born to fight Nazis.

The potato launcher, a beloved spud-flinging project for DIY tinkerers everywhere, is grandfather to most non-lethal gas-propelled armaments, like the paintball gun and the crowd-pleasing T-Shirt cannon.

And the reason for its popularity is obvious. Potato launchers are relatively easy to make, inexpensive, and dependable—with plenty of power and excitement packed in as well. The modern version is typically a combination of plastic pipe, pipe fittings, and a device that ignites flammable gas inside the gun’s combustion chamber.

But the actual creation of the first true spud gun is up for debate. Some attribute its creation to the inventor of PVC, a material that would become central to the modern potato launcher. Others trace its origins back to Italian physicist Alessandro Volta and his “electric pistol.” But its first modern form wouldn’t take shape until some 160 years later in World War II Britain.

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