Appalachia is home to a unique breed of dog, one of the few breeds created in America. The Plott Hound. Their story, like many Americans’ began in Europe. Two young brothers by the last name of Plott left what is now Germany in 1750 and immigrated to the United States in hopes of a better life. Their journey was hardly unique, but what set them apart the Plots were some of the few immigrants that brought dogs to the new world. The Plotts and their dogs settled in the English colony of North Carolina. Over several generations, the Plott family refined the canine bloodline they had brought from the old world until they had created whole new special breed of dog. Today, the Plott legacy has spread all over the world, but the Plott family still breeds these dogs. I was lucky enough to interview Bob Plott, a descendent of the Plott brothers, a Plott Hound breeder, as well as an author and historian.


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