The Truth About Islam

I hated history when I was a little girl but today I appreciate it. Now I understand why they say those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. In order to understand why the Islamic world is entirely different and in many ways incompatible with Western civilizations, at least until they are ready to reform as all other religions have done, you need to understand the history of Islam. By understanding its history, you will better understand the current crisis and events happening in the world today.

When Muhammad supposedly revealed his revelation from the angel Gabriel that he was supposed to be the last of the Prophets in the early six hundreds, he started preaching his claim in his own city of Mecca, he tried to recruit friends and followers so they could help spread his newly formed religion. He tried for 12 years and failed. After 12 years he was only able to recruit his immediate family and friends, so he decided to go to Medina, which was the Jewish hub of Arabia. He figured if he went there and preached his religion to them, they would accept him and that would buy him respect and stature and his religion would be accepted too.

In order for his religion to interest the Jews, Muhammad started borrowing a lot from the Old Testament to make his religion more palatable to them. This is why you see a lot of similarities between Judaism and Islam. For example, Jews don’t eat pigs so Muslims don’t eat pigs, Jews practice Kosher so Muslims practice Halal, Jews pray several times a day so Muslims pray several times a day, Jews fast on Yom Kippur so Muslims fast on Ramadan. He made things up as he went to attract the Jews.

This is also why there are a lot of good scriptures at the beginning of the Quran, when Muhammad was saying all the good things about the people of the book and talking about how similar they are, he was trying to recruit the Jews and make it easy for them to convert. Except the Jews still refused to accept him and follow him so this is when he turned against them, he started killing them and started expelling them. This is the moment Islam went from a spiritual movement to a political movement disguised as a religion, this transition into vengeful, violent jihadism is clear as the Quran goes on.

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