The UN and Cultural Appropriation

The UN is currently trying to make “cultural appropriation” illegal. Okay. So we’ll make everything non-white illegal in white majority countries, removing all traces of diversity if it’s made by white people, strictly only selling Westernized products, Westernized food, rebrand all products and advertisements to include only Westernized names and fashion and trends, we’ll make only Westernized movies and Westernized music and we will never, ever appreciate or share any other culture, if we want diversity or we want something that isn’t white, then it will be up to non-whites to make it happen by themselves and then we’ll see how many minutes it takes for them to say avoiding cultural appropriation is racist and perpetuates white supremacy.


I still say Trump should just tell the UN (Useless Nations) that as of July 4th, the USA will no longer pay them a single dollar. That as of that date, the USA is out of the UN. That within 90 days of that date the UN must get out of the USA.

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