This Couple Just Got Hitched In A Surreal Virtual Reality Wedding

Avatars gathered to witness the first couple to legally say “I do” in their headsets. It got a little awkward

The bride is a sleek white robot with accents of pink on her shiny exterior. The groom is identical, except with blue trim around his head and body. They are standing in front of more than a dozen guests — some robots, some cutesy human avatars — on a platform built over a churning red lake of lava. Glowing clouds loom in the distance of this strange space, as guests unleash smiley face and heart emojis to register their joy, and a disco ball spins overhead.

Welcome to one of the first-ever virtual reality weddings.

On Thursday, Elisa Evans and Martin Shervington, a couple from Wales, did just as so many couples do on their wedding day. She slipped on a white wedding dress, he donned a suit, and then they headed to a local wedding venue.

It was all very traditional, really — except that when they got there, there were no guests or officiants present. Instead, they each put on a VR headset and entered a virtual “futuristic disco,” as Shervington put it. Their officiant, a community manager from the virtual reality company AltspaceVR, beamed in from San Francisco. Guests gathered from all over the world using the AltspaceVR app — all of them sitting in their respective homes and offices, connected only by their headsets.

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