This is One Heck of a Heartwarming Story

Lt. Michael Murphy was killed in combat in Afghanistan in 2005 after leading a four-man SEAL team on a reconnaissance mission, according to a Navy report. After coming under fire from approximately 50 insurgents, Murphy knowingly exposed himself to enemy fire so he could transmit a signal requesting immediate assistance for his team. Murphy and two of the other SEALs died in the firefight, though the fourth member, Marcus Luttrell, survived. For his actions, Murphy was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.

As promised… I just walked into a local pub (PUB 25, Newtown, CT) and asked to speak with the Owner/Manager. I asked if I could leave a cold one on the bar for Michael all day . I showed him the “Reserved” sign I made and explained I wanted to leave him sufficient funds to buy a random person a Guinness every hour today, and that when the surprised patron asks him “Who is this from?” he should reply: “It’s from LT Michael P. Murphy.” and point to the reserved sign. The Owner/Manager was so in tune with this small gesture, he refused my money, introduced me to two men working in the PUB who just returned home from Afghanistan and Iraq with the ASSURANCE that my request on Michael’s behalf would be honored. God Bless America!

Phyllis Gavin, a manager at Pub25 American Grille, confirmed to The Blaze the photo and its description are indeed real. They still have the display up, and Gavin said she’s fielded phone calls from all over the country inquiring about it. Pub25 continues to give away pints of Guinness in Murphy’s honor.

“It’s been unbelievable,” she said.

Reaction from patrons who have received the pints of Guinness have varied, she said, from recipients being surprised and pleased to offering to pay for the drink themselves.

She said patrons have come into the pub specifically after hearing the story, and that one person even stopped in to give $20. Gavin said all donations collected will be given to the Lt. Michael P. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation.

“It’s a simple little thing but means a lot to so many people,” she said. “Just a little bit so that we all remember.”

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One happy dog on the road!


Shaima Alawadi, a 32-year-old mother of five who emigrated from Iraq with her husband 17 years ago, was found severely beaten inside her El Cajon, California home next to a note that allegedly read “go back to your own country. You’re a terrorist.”

Alawadi was rushed to the hospital, but passed away after being taken off life support yesterday afternoon.

One of her three daughters, Fatima Al Himidi, told KUSI she found Alawadi unconscious in the dining room. The attacker had apparently broken in through the sliding glass door and assaulted Alawadi repeatedly with a tire iron. Al Himidi said the attacker was gone by the time she came downstairs.

According to Lt. Mark Coit of the El Cajon police, the family had received a note similar to the one left near Alawadi earlier this month, but thought it was a prank, so did not bother reporting it to authorities.

“Given the fact of these notes left, we’re obviously concerned about the possibility of a hate crime,” said the executive director of CAIR’s San Diego branch, Hanif Mohebi. “I don’t think anyone would disagree this is a coldblooded murder.”

Investigators say they believe this was “an isolated incident,” and a hate crime is just “one of the possibilities” they are exploring.


Once you have seen this and read, it will be on your mind for far longer than you think!


As someone who has closely watched the media for over two decades now, I’ve seen an awful lot of shameful behavior. But I have never seen anything like CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien’s now infamous “do-over.” Never before have I seen a network anchor attempt to memory-hole and cover up her own misinformation campaign by bringing on as a guest someone who would agree with her 100%.

And as I watched this pitiful segment unfold, the first thing that came to my mind was, “Breitbart is here.”

It all started the day after Andrew’s funeral, when BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith thought he would scoop Breitbart by releasing video of a then 28-year-old Barack Obama speaking before a crowd at Harvard and asking them to “open their hearts and minds to the words” of Derrick Bell, a radical racialist and proponent of Critical Race Theory (CRT). Though he was wrong and did not have what Breitbart had, Smith thought he did and thought he had scooped us. That kind of competition is, of course, totally fair game. The problem, though, is that Ben Smith wasn’t as interested in scooping our story as he was in protecting Obama from what he thought was our story.

As I detailed in this piece, this is what Ben Smith does. It’s what drives him and it’s what has come to define him. He grabs hold of a potentially explosive story that could damage Obama and attempts to control the explosion in a way that protects Obama. In the case of Derrick Bell and CRT, Smith followed his usual protocol. The subtext to his partial release of the tape was obvious:Breitbart’s big Obama video-scoop only makes Obama look even more awesome than we already thought he was!

Talk about playing into Andrew’s hands.

In one fell swoop, Ben Smith did something we couldn’t. Breitbart’s Bigs not only had a story about yet another one of Obama’s radical past associations, but thanks to Smith, we now had that story with a side-order of media corruption.

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Big Peace
The brother of an Islamist fanatic behind a deadly shooting rampage in France celebrated his martyr-like death and may have helped him, police and a lawyer said Saturday.

Counterterrorism authorities are expected to decide early Sunday whether to file preliminary charges against 30-year-old Abdelkader Merah, who has been under questioning for four days over killings in southern France that stunned the country and refocused attention on the threat of radical Muslim militants.

His brother Mohamed Merah died in a hail of gunfire Thursday after a standoff with police during which he claimed responsibility for attacks that killed three Jewish schoolchildren, a rabbi and three paratroopers. Merah claimed allegiance to al-Qaida and told police he traveled to Afghanistan and Pakistan for training.

In Pakistan, intelligence officials said Saturday that 85 French Muslims have been training with the Taliban in northwest Pakistan and are examining whether Mohamed Merah was part of this group. Merah traveled to Pakistan in 2011 and said he trained with al-Qaida in Waziristan.

The Merahs’ mother was in police custody for three days before she was released late Friday.

A lawyer for 55-year-old Zoulhika Aziri said her world had been “turned upside down.” “She is devastated,” Jean-Yves Gougnaud told reporters in the southern city of Toulouse. “At no time could she have imagined that her son was the one who did it.”

Investigators are focused now on older brother Abdelkader Merah, who was flown to Paris for further questioning Saturday along with his girlfriend, Yamina Mesbah.


Treyvon Martins’ FB photo….


Gen. Lee’s sword featured at Appomattox museum

RICHMOND, Virginia – The sword Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee had at his side when he surrendered to Union Gen. Ulysses S. Grant is returning to Appomattox as the centerpiece of a new museum examining the post-Civil War struggle to heal the nation.
The uniform Lee wore that day in 1865 will also be on display March 31 when the Museum of the Confederacy opens an 11,700-square-foot museum within a mile of where the war effectively ended.


The Hill

A proposal by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to include workers’ email addresses and phone numbers on voter lists for union elections could become the next flashpoint in the war between labor and business.

Originally proposed as part of the NLRB’s union election rule in June last year, the provision was shelved when the labor board passed other portions of that rule in December. But opposition to sharing workers’ contact information has begun to grow on Capitol Hill and among business groups over worries that the NLRB may bring the proposal back.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has launched a campaign to bring more attention to the proposal. Utilizing social media and running online ads in and outside the Beltway, the trade association plans to highlight the proposal and gin up resistance among its members.

“It’s clearly something the board intends to pursue and we hope this vote will send a strong message to them that it has overstepped its bounds,” Glenn Spencer, vice president of the Chamber’s Workforce Freedom Initiative, told The Hill.

The vote Spencer is referring to is a joint resolution introduced in the Senate and the House that would overturn the NLRB’s union election rule under the Congressional Review Act. While the resolution would not affect the workers’ contact information provision since it’s not part of the current rule, Spencer said a vote against the union election rule — set to go into effect on April 30 — should serve as a warning to the labor board against further action.


In Rhode Island a teacher accused of fixing grades resigned …. and got $545,000!!!!

A hefty severance deal has been reached involving a school boss accused of “fixing” an athlete’s grades on Long Island. The school superintendent has agreed to resign, but will continue to be paid for two years.

The South Country Central School District voted to accept the resignation of its superintendent, who is accused of raising a football star’s grades to get him a college scholarship, reports CBS 2’s Carolyn Gusoff.

Joseph Cipp Jr. will resign with $545,000, his salary for the next two years, but questions linger over his role in getting Ryan Sloan into Syracuse University.

Some think the deal sweeps the scandal under the rug.

“There has been a conspiracy in our school district and it’s not in the best interest of the taxpayers or our children,” school board member Lisa DiSanto Grossman said.

One man said he knows grades were changed. He was asked to make the changes, refused, and was fired as principal four days later. He said the message was clear to him.

“The message to me clearly was that this particular student had to have a particular grade and I was approached by particular individuals and asked as to my influence over certain people,” Kevin O’Connell said.


To try to get the above picture of the farter out of your mind, here is this.



Free Beacon

President Obama’s view of Israel was sharply influenced by Rabbi Arnold Wolf, a key member of a cadre of liberal rabbis and Jewish activists who blamed Israel for the failure to achieve peace in the Middle East and urged negotiations with the Palestine Liberation Organization while it carried out terrorist operations.

Wolf, who died in 2008, is remembered by those who knew him as a modern day Jewish “heretic” whose radical dogma on Israel and the American Jewish community traveled from a small Chicago synagogue all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

“Barack Obama knew many Jews in Chicago, but they tended to be left-wing Jews and tended to be people later involved in [the liberal advocacy group] J Street,” explained Jonathan Sarna, a professor of American Jewish history at Brandeis University.

It is these liberal players who “bred in Obama a specific and subversive vision of American Jewish identity and of the Jewish state,” Peter Beinart notes in his forthcoming book, The Crisis of Zionism.

Wolf in particular is said to have played a principal role in fostering Obama’s belief that the Jewish state—and, by proxy, the American Jewish establishment—could be pressured into negotiations with intransigent Palestinian political leaders.

“Barack Obama really believed there was this kind of a silent majority in the Jewish community who supports those views because those were the views he heard—liberal, active, Reform Jews in Chicago,” added Sarna. “It was a shock to him when he found the majority of Jews are not that way.”

One of principal architects of this radical Jewish philosophy was Wolf, who came to prominence in the late 1950s when he was hired as the full-time rabbi of Congregation Solel in Highland Park, a wealthy, liberal enclave on Chicago’s North shore.

During his stint at the temple, Wolf honed his left-wing bona fides, playing host to, among others, the infamous Chicago Seven, who were charged with inciting a riot at the 1968 Democratic National Convention.


Pat Dollard

FOXNews -Tea Party supporters rallied Saturday in Washington to oppose President Obama’s government health care law, two days before the Supreme Court considers the constitutionality of the legislation.

“We want our freedom back,” former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain told hundreds of ralliers standing in the rain in Upper Senate Park, a few hundred yards from the steps of the Supreme Court. “That’s what this is about, the freedom to choose our own doctors … the freedom to choose our own health insurance plan.” Cain also said that he might not have survived his battle with cancer under the new law had “some bureaucrat” learned he had only a 30 percent chance of survival.

“Stay inspired,” he said, urging the crowd help defeat Obama in November.

“ObamaCare is a cancer in our government, and we’re going to rip it out,” said Jenny Beth Martin, national coordinator of the Tea Party Express which sponsored the “Road to Repeal” rally.

The rally largely marks the big return to Washington for the Tea Party, a loose organization of grassroots groups that helped conservative Republicans take over the House in the 2010 wave election.

“The Tea Party is back,” shouted Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit Blog.


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But nothing to the families of the people killed at Fort Hood by an islamic asshole….

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan – US authorities have given cash compensation to the families of Afghans killed in a shooting rampage allegedly carried out by an American soldier in Kandahar province, a family member and a tribal elder said on Sunday.

The families received around $50,000 for each person killed and about $10,000 for each wounded in the shootings in two villages in Panjwai district earlier this month. Afghan officials say 16 people, including nine children and women, were killed in the attacks.

“We were invited by the foreign and Afghan officials in Panjwai yesterday and they said this money is an assistance from Obama,” Haji Jan Agha, who said he lost his cousins, told Reuters, referring to US President Barack Obama.


Considering it’s one of the most hated bills in history I’d say the odds are in our favor.

(The Hill) — Senior White House advisor David Plouffe predicted Sunday that Republicans will come to realize they made a big mistake by constantly calling the president’s sweeping healthcare reform law “ObamaCare.”

“I am convinced that at the end of this decade, Republicans are going to regret turning this into ‘ObamaCare,’” he said on Fox News Sunday.

The remarks come two days after Obama’s reelection campaign similarly embraced the term that conservatives have used to bash the healthcare statute that Democrats passed in 2010.


Lefty Filmmaker Spike Lee Retweets George Zimmerman’s Home Address, Death Threats Ensue…

Now think ab out this. What if it had been a white boy killed by a black man? And whites went crazy over it like the blacks are doing over the black boy killed? Can you imagine the screams of racist and racism coming from the left if a white guy did what this idiot black filmmaker did? And of course, we know our president would never have come out in support of a white boy killed by a black man! It to me is just plain stupid that the left and the blacks scream racism all the damn time, when really it is THEM being racist and spreading racism!


There is HOPE for America! Australia finally saw the light and see what they did about it. Come this November, it would be super to see not just Obama and his regime sent packing, but all those democrats in congress who aided and abetted Obama.

Australia votes themselves out of their mess

OZ Voters Send Message To Labor Carbon Tax Monkeys