This Morning

Up and at them a bit early this morning. Had a Urologist appointment,

It was raining! In fact rain the entire time we were out and about and only stopped once we got home about 1230pm or so.

Anyways, I am okay and in good shape, says my urologist. See him again in 6 months.

Prostate big, but it has been for a few years.

Then went to our bank branch office (our bank is like, two counties or so south of us) and got a check register (whoever came up with the check register? Did not account for the future and the debit card! As my wife easily does 3 debit card transactions at her 3 grocery stores she goes to just about every morning, after her mall walking.

Then to a place that I hear so many people do hate and do not frequent, wally world! The make super duper sub sandwiches. 16 inches long. Their own fresh baked buns, daily. Nothing but lots of meat, a layer of cheese, and a layer of lettuce. No other veggies, no sauces, no condiments at all. And for about $5.98? Damn good price. But hit them at the right time and they are 1/2 price! Today, wife wants a roast beef one. I have a german black ham one 2/3rds gone now.

Then chicken! Friend chicken. 8 big pieces, drumsticks and wings. and about 2.5 pounds! For half price this morning! $2.99! This is our dinner this evening. Plus a nice Thai salad that was also half price!

Got more items we needed, all at a lower price that any other place. Plus finally a new belt for me….will get a brown one next time we go, today just a black one. 100% leather.

And that is my morning and up to now in one post!

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