This Weed Strain Apparently Helps Women Orgasm

Scientists question whether or not aphrodisiacs are anything more than placebos, since the research on their efficacy is relatively weak. Still, it’s fun to believe that foods like oysters, watermelons and pine nuts make you hornier and maybe even better at sex, so we load up on ‘em anyway before doing the nasty.

Now you can add another item to the list of things that probably aren’t aphrodisiacs, but let’s just call ‘em that anyway: marijuana. Or more specifically, an indica strain called “Sexxpot.” According to Jane Street Journal, the THC levels in Sexxpot offer a euphoric body high that especially makes women feel “more in their bodies and less cerebral,” so they can more easily orgasm during sex.

Because Sexxpot packs a little less THC than other strains, it makes women feel more sensual—enough for them to notice more sensations throughout their bodies during sex, but not so much that they’ll totally conk out mid-coitus, Karen Wagner, founder of Paradigm Medical Marijuana, told Jane Street Journal.

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