Time for this Shitstain to go Away

This is what happens when you get some guy who did something great many years ago, they somehow got involved with a bunch of women who made videos of themselves having sex with blackies.

Time for ESPN to line up another Arthur Ashe Award for Courage. Bruce Jenner, who now goes by Caitlyn Jenner, having started but not finished transforming himself into a grotesque facsimile of a woman, is planning to generate publicity by posing naked:

“Cait wants to do something along the lines of what Kim [Kardashian] did on the cover of Paper magazine. No one has worked harder than Cait to get the body [he] wants and, naturally, [he] wants to show it off,” sources tell Straight Shuter. “[He] will also use the explosive cover to help [him] return to TV in 2017 after [his] solo show was cancelled. Cait has learned from that experience and wants the new show to be more silly and fun like the Kardashian show. It will focus less on [him] being a transsexual and more on being a single girl that wants to date and have a great time.”

The “single girl” in question is a 67-year-old man.

This is the price of losing the Culture War to moonbats.


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