Top 10 Strangest Sperm In The World

The squiggly, microscopic tadpoles that helped conceive us all don’t get a lot of thought. They swim around the uterus looking for an egg to fertilize. Guys can produce anywhere from 20 to 100 million of the little buggers, and they produce about 1,500 a second. Scientists have even made sperm in the lab from stem cells and used it to impregnate mice.

There is amazing research going on in the fields of reproduction and fertility, but it turns out that not all sperm is created equal. A huge variety of these little reproductive missiles exists in nature. Some are capable of amazing feats, and others are just plain weird.

Now for some technical jargon: Reproductive cells are called gametes. The male reproductive cell is called a spermatozoon, or “sperm,” for short. The plural of “spermatozoon” is “spermatozoa.”

From the largest to the slowest, go HERE

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