Tuesday Thoughts

  1. Some people want to die in their sleep. Some people want to die doing something they love. I could kill both birds with one stone.
  2. I’m gonna be pissed if a war with North Korea interferes with Game of thrones and the release of the new red dead redemption.
  3. We will readily spend hours on our phone to pass the time but we “don’t have enough time” to take 30 min a day to get some physical activity in.
  4. “A nut for a jar of tuna” is the same backwards.
  5. Strap-ons are like female-to-male adapter plugs, but for humans.
  6. Every time you drive by a hospital, you’re probably near lots of people who are having either the worst day of their life, the best day of their life, the first day of their life, or the last day of their life.
  7. You know the world is a weird place when Google doesn’t have an Easter doodle but Pornhub does.
  8. Social media is basically of a bunch of people standing in a room talking to themselves hoping that someone will reply.
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