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Turn your tweets into toilet paper with the new startup, Shitter

What if you could take all those tweets you blast out during the day and ruminate on them in a place where your mind is free to wander and relax. Introducing Shitter, a new startup that, for just $35, will turn your tweet stream into four rolls of toilet paper. The homepage tagline reads, “Social media has never been so disposable.”

The site is credited to a team of four developers who live in New York and Sydney. They call themselves Collector’s Edition, a new-breed entertainment company that seems to craft clever web sites and services. Previously, the group launched a site dedicated to explaining the meaning of the word “Mate” (a Down Under version of the seminal “dude” commercials).

This product gives a whole new meaning to the term “data exhaust”.

“Obviously this is fairly tongue in cheek, but we’re reasonably pleased we monetized Twitter in a way that avoided advertising,” said founder David Gillespie (Are you listening Dick Costolo?). “We all have other jobs, though would obviously like to make it a full-time thing. As you saw, The Meaning Of Mate was the first thing CE did, now this. The direction is still settling, but I think there’s some kind of course to chart around just trying to entertain people. I don’t know where the revenue is, it may very well wind up needing to be funded by brands when the right project comes along. I can’t imagine Kleenex having put their name to Shitter though!”

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Only two rules we need to live by.


Mohamed Merah: Toulouse gunman’s father “to sue France”

Jeremy Lin: Class Act

Left’s Rush Boycott A Complete And Total Failure


Intimate: Trusted make-up artists Allan ‘Whitey’ Snyder took these charming shots of a 27-year-old Marilyn Monroe relaxing between takes. The amateur shoots brought her to life and these images show a 27-year-old Monroe totally at ease, wearing a low-cut red T-shirt and a cream skirt.They are a world away from the international sex symbol she went on to become.

The pictures were taken on the film set of the 1953 movie Niagra, one of her first leading roles. The famous Niagra Falls can be seen in the background. Snyder was Monroe’s professional and personal make-up artist for 16 years and there is a photo of him putting make-up on her face. He was an important part of her inner-circle and was a pallbearer at her funeral in 1962 as he had promised her he would be.



One Drug to Shrink All Tumors

A single drug can shrink or cure human breast, ovary, colon, bladder, brain, liver, and prostate tumors that have been transplanted into mice, researchers have found. The treatment, an antibody that blocks a “do not eat” signal normally displayed on tumor cells, coaxes the immune system to destroy the cancer cells.

A decade ago, biologist Irving Weissman of the Stanford University School of Medicine in Palo Alto, California, discovered that leukemia cells produce higher levels of a protein called CD47 than do healthy cells. CD47, he and other scientists found, is also displayed on healthy blood cells; it’s a marker that blocks the immune system from destroying them as they circulate. Cancers take advantage of this flag to trick the immune system into ignoring them. In the past few years, Weissman’s lab showed that blocking CD47 with an antibody cured some cases of lymphomas and leukemias in mice by stimulating the immune system to recognize the cancer cells as invaders. Now, he and colleagues have shown that the CD47-blocking antibody may have a far wider impact than just blood cancers.

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Hells Angels: Rare and Unpublished Photos by LIFE Magazine’s Bill Ray, 1965 – LIFE


Plain popcorn has already been hailed as a great diet food for its low calorie content but now a group of scientists claim it may even top fruits and vegetables in antioxidant levels.

Antioxidants – known as polyphenols – have huge health benefits as they help fight harmful molecules that damage cells.

Popcorn was found to have a high level of concentrated antioxidants because it is made up of just four percent water while they are more diluted in fruits and vegetables because they are made up of up to 90 percent water.



God, Guns, the Constitution – Still Clinging

Blame Palin? “Kill Zimmerman” Twitter account launched  Haters got to hate!



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