Uncovering what Comey covered up

“We don’t know what the FBI did once they had the device and the information on it. What we know is since the investigation ended in July of last year the material found on that device has been forwarded from the Justice Department to the State Department. I don’t know what it suggests. The State Department now has it. We know that the State Department has not gone through it.  caseThey said there are thousands of records on whatever was turned over from the Datto device and eventually they will get around to reviewing those records and getting them to us in response to our FOIA. Until the State Department releases the information, we will not know what was on there that Hillary Clinton did not turn over? What did Huma Abedin not turn over? Are there emails from Chelsea Clinton on the server?”

Michael Bekesha, Judicial Watch senior lawyer working the case against Hillary and uncovering what Comey covered up.

Read the full article by Baxter Dmitry regarding Comey having Hillary’s backup email HERE

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