US Legalizes Pot and It would save us Billions!

I am of that section of society that believes pot (weed, marijuana) should be legal! Legal to grow, legal to use, legal to purchase, legal to sell. And no, I am not a damn pot head. Heck, don’t even touch the stuff! But over my life time I have seen the effects of people (mostly kids) who have pot and bam! End up in prison! Just for a bit of pot that really would not make one cigarette! So here is a study that helps our position.

Pot Legalization Could Save U.S. $13.7 Billion Per Year, 300 Economists Say

Your plans to celebrate 4/20 this Friday could actually make the government some money, if only such activities were legal. That’s according to a bunch of economists, and some prominent ones too.

More than 300 economists, including three nobel laureates, have signed a petition calling attention to the findings of a paper by Harvard economist Jeffrey Miron, which suggests that if the government legalized marijuana it would save $7.7 billion annually by not having to enforce the current prohibition on the drug. The report added that legalization would save an additional $6 billion per year if the government taxed marijuana at rates similar to alcohol and tobacco.

That’s as much as $13.7 billion per year, but it’s still minimal when compared to the federal deficit, which hit $1.5 trillion last year, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

While the economists don’t directly call for pot legalization, the petition asks advocates on both sides to engage in an “open and honest debate” about the benefits of pot prohibition.

“At a minimum, this debate will force advocates of current policy to show that prohibition has benefits sufficient to justify the cost to taxpayers, foregone tax revenues, and numerous ancillary consequences that result from marijuana prohibition,” the petition states.

The economic benefits of pushing pot into mainstream commerce have long been cited as a reason to make the drug legal, and the economists’ petition comes as government officials at both the federal and local levels are looking for ways to raise funds. The majority of Americans say they prefer cutting programs to increasing taxes as a way to deal with the nation’s budget deficit — marijuana legalization would seemingly give the government money without doing either.

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If perchance you are an Economist, go here and sign the petition.


WASHINGTON (AP) — The space shuttle Discovery soared over the Washington Monument, the White House and the Capitol in a high-flying salute to the nation’s capital Tuesday.

The world’s most traveled spaceship, hitching a ride on top a Boeing 747 jet, took a couple of leisurely spins at an easy-to-spot 1,500 feet around Washington after a flight from Cape Canaveral, Fla.

Thousands packed the National Mall to watch the pair swoop by.

“Look at that — that thing is mammoth,” said Terri Jacobsen of Bethesda, Md. She brought her 12-year-old home-schooled son to the mall to watch the flyover

The shuttle-jet combo was set to land at Dulles International Airport. On Thursday, it will be towed to its permanent installation at the Smithsonian’s annex in northern Virginia.



Okay, could you do this? If not now, ever?


A convicted crack dealer who calls himself “Allah©, 5% Nation of Islam” is attempting to sue the superintendent of the Monroe state prison, claiming he was kidnapped and is being unlawfully imprisoned.

Although he refers to himself in court documents as “Allah©, 5% Nation of Islam” — with the copyright symbol and everything — his original name is Edwin Randal Coston. The 46-year-old was caught in 2001 by Seattle police with six grams of crack and $292 cash, along with scales and other dealer supplies. A lengthy string of prior convictions and the draconian “mandatory minimum” sentence requirements for crack combined to put Coston away for a whopping 21 years and 5 months.

Last week, Coston tried to file a lawsuit in Western Washington federal court claiming his civil rights are being violated by Scott Frakes, the Superintendent of the Monroe Correctional Complex. Coston attempted to petition for a writ of habeas corpus, a legal action that would require him to appear before a judge, and could ultimately lead to his release if the state lacks evidence. Given the seemingly cut and dry nature of his crime, it’s highly unlikely Colston will prevail in court, especially since he improperly filed the initial paperwork. He now has until May 5 to fix his errors and pay the $5 filing or his case will be automatically dismissed.

A spokesperson for the state Department of Corrections declined to comment on the pending litigation, and said Frakes wasn’t aware of the attempted lawsuit until he was contacted by the media. According to DOC records, Coston hasn’t exactly been a model prisoner. He has accrued 16 “serious infractions” since he was locked up in July of 2002, including an incident in which he allegedly assaulted a prison staff member.




As USA Staggers Toward Insolvency, Obama Shovels Our Money Into Kenya

It would be wrong to say his country hasn’t benefitted from Obama’s presidency — so long as by “his country,” you mean Kenya:

Kenyan businesses lately are increasingly becoming recipients of U.S. government largesse, as the Obama Administration, among pursuing other endeavors, aims to expand “livestock-related economic opportunities” in that nation. …

The White House is committing to a five-year effort to “improve the inclusiveness and competitiveness” of the livestock industry specifically in Marsabit and Garissa counties, Kenya, according to apresolicitation notice released April 12 that U.S. Trade & Aid Monitorlocated via routine database research.

The Feed the Future-related initiative, known as the Resilience and Economic Growth in the Arid Lands-Accelerated Growth, or REGAL-AG, program, will be carried out by contractors hired by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), according to the document.

The agency did not disclose the project’s estimated cost: “No additional information regarding this planned RFP [Request for Proposals] is available at this time.”

What does cost matter? We won’t have to pay. We’ll be dead of old age long before the government has paid off the debt Obama has already run up.



Supermodel Bar Refaeli claims she feels violated after a screening by a female airport security worker in London this morning … saying the incident “left no doubt about her sexual preferences.”

Bar — who didn’t specify which airport she was at — just vented about the incident on Twitter … saying, “I got a security ‘patdown’ by a woman at the airport that made me feel very uncomfortable and left no doubt about her sexual preferences.”

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Anthony Dent of The College Fix on the end of the occupation:

Based on the wave of recent reports detailing the declining interest in Occupy Wall Street, let’s just bite the bullet and publish the final obit:Occupy Wall Street, Dead, 213 Days Old.

At the University of North Carolina, The Daily Tar Heel recently observed, “Occupy Chapel Hill-Carrboro meeting attendees once packed a plaza, but these days they barely surround a coffee table.”

Other encampments around the country are in similar decline. While Occupy New Haven recently celebrated its six-month anniversary, the encampment is on its last legs. This despite a dose of legal life-support it received from a federal injunction overturning an earlier decision in which judges sided with the city in their efforts to evict the protesters.

A prominent member of Occupy New Haven has even joined city officials in calling for an end to the occupation. “The longer we stay [encamped] on the Green, the more damage we do to our cause,” he wrote in a statement.



14 Hilarious Eyebrow Fails


Why Is Jordan Keeping Out Palestinian Refugees?

Jordan’s treatment of Palestinian refugees is not uncommon for an Arab country. In the past, Palestinians have also been denied entry into Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Libya. Palestinians are being held in tents, with poor sanitary conditions.

More than 1,000 Palestinians who fled from the violence in Syria and were hoping to find temporary shelter in Jordan, have been stranded along the border between Syria and Jordan for the past few weeks. The Jordanian authorities have been refusing to allow them into the kingdom.

The Jordanian authorities have set up a makeshift refugee camp along the border with Syria, where the Palestinians are being held in tents, with poor sanitary conditions.

Jordan’s treatment of Palestinian refugees is not uncommon for an Arab country. Lebanon and Egypt have also refused to grant asylum to the fleeing Palestinians. This is also not the first time that an Arab country keeps Palestinians waiting on the border. In the past, Palestinians have also been denied entry into Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Libya.

Arab support for the Palestinians has been largely rhetorical over the past two decades, forcing the Palestinians to become almost entirely dependent on American and EU taxpayers’ money.

Meanwhile, an additional 100,000 Syrians, who have fled their country in the past year, have been permitted to enter Jordan.



Metal head!


Leftists pile on Romney for putting dog on roof of car for a trip almost 30 years ago! Completely keep quiet on our president who actually ATE dog!

How backwards is Obama? He admitted that he ate dog meat with his stepfather Lolo Soetoro in Indonesia. How sick and disgusting is this man? Remember all the feigned liberal outrage at the story that Mitt Romney put his dog Seamus on top of the car roof like 20 years ago? Well, at least Romney and his family never ate the poor thing. The Obama regime even had their sycophants start a “Dog Lovers for Obama” Twitter account. I didn’t realize by “dog lover” they meant their meat. Sick Sick Sick. I’ll bet Michael Vick gets an invite to the White House before Obama is booted out in November. Let’s all pray that Obama or his wife don’t get hungry one night and decide to eat cute little Bo.


“With Lolo, I learned how to eat small green chill peppers raw with dinner (plenty of rice), and, away from the dinner table, I was introduced to dog meat (tough), snake meat (tougher), and roasted grasshopper (crunchy). Like many Indonesians, Lolo followed a brand of Islam that could make room for the remnants of more ancient animist and Hindu faiths. He explained that a man took on the powers of whatever he ate: One day soon, he promised, he would bring home a piece of tiger meat for us to share.”

And in case any of you left wing nuts start trying to blame right wingers for spreading “false lies,” Obama admits this himself in his book Dreams from My Father in Chapter 2.



King Asshole of Afghanistan demands $2 billion per year from USA! The gall of this idiot! But then, he is an islamic so our president will probably bend down to him and let his have his money.

This piece of islamic shit  blames NATO one day for the attacks performed by the Haqqani jihadist and then turns around demanding the US give him $2 BILLION per year to enrich his pockets:

Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Tuesday said he wanted “at least $2 billion” a year from the United States after it withdraws its troops in 2014.

Karzai said the US should specify in a partnership agreement to be signed between his country and the US how much money it will give to Afghanistan after they leave.

“They (US) say we will give you money, but will not specify the amount. We say give us less, but write it down,” Karzai told a group of university professors and students in Kabul.

“We want them to write down that America will give for Afghanistan’s security $2 billion a year — or at least two billion a year”, he said. “If they want to give us more, they are welcome.”

Karzai’s comments came a day after he laid most of the blame for an 18-hour assault by squads of Taliban insurgents in Kabul Sunday on intelligence failures by NATO forces.


Just watch this commercial. Funny as hell….


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