Want to get thin? Try eating Chocolate!

Chocolate ‘may help keep people slim’

People who eat chocolate regularly tend to be thinner, new research suggests.

The findings come from a study of nearly 1,000 US people that looked at diet, calorie intake and body mass index (BMI) – a measure of obesity.

It found those who ate chocolate a few times a week were, on average, slimmer than those who ate it occasionally.

Even though chocolate is loaded with calories, it contains ingredients that may favour weight loss rather than fat synthesis, scientists believe.

Despite boosting calorie intake, regular chocolate consumption was related to lower BMI in the study, which is published in Archives of Internal Medicine.

The link remained even when other factors, like how much exercise individuals did, were taken into account.

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(now I can double my M&M intake!)


The Looking Spoon


In the wake of last month’s Susan G. Komen for the Cure Planned Parenthood controversy, the leading breast cancer organization continues to feel pain and now a new Harris Interactive survey shows that its brand image has suffered significantly.

Harris Interactive reports that its EquiTrend study(EQ) found that the non-profit’s decision to defund, then reinstate, funding for abortion provider Planned Parenthood has caused “steep drops” in the “brand health” of the foundation.

According to Harris, in the study’s 23-year history, Komen’s 21 percent drop in so-called brand equity — or a brand’s value — is one of the most dramatic plummets Harris has seen, second only to Fannie Mae in 2009.

Since its inclusion in the EquiTrend study in 2008, Komen has ranked among the top two “most equitable non-profit organization” in its category. This year it ranked No. 56 out of 79 non-profit brands, falling 54 spots from its No. 2 spot last year.





This is Turban Durbin, another islamic in our congress.

(Guardian) — Training materials used by the FBI for dealing with American Muslims and other Islamic communities have advised agents they can break the law and impinge on some of their targets’ civil rights.

The instructions were contained in confidential materials reviewed by the Senate Judiciary Committee as part of an internal FBI probe into what sort of training agents were exposed to when dealing with Islam.

The investigation uncovered 876 pages and 392 presentations that failed to meet standards or could be considered offensive amid more than 160,000 pages of FBI documents and slides.

Though that material has not been published — and senate staffers were not allowed to keep copies — committee member Senator Dick Durbin has revealed some of its contents in a letter written to FBI director Robert Mueller.

In the letter — first revealed by the Danger Room blog on wired.com — Durbin describes one slide that read: “Under certain circumstances, the FBI has the ability to bend or suspend the law and impinge on freedoms of others.”

That comment is sure to anger civil liberties groups and Muslim community organisations who have long complained that their community has been subject to undue harassment and racial profiling by law enforcement.

Durbin describes several other slides that apparently deal in broad cultural stereotypes but were also part of FBI training. “Never attempt to shake hands with an Asian,” said one slide under the heading “Establishing Relationships”.

Others advised FBI agents to “Never stare at an Asian” and “Never try to speak to an Arab female prior to approaching Arab male first”. Instructions were also given in slides that while the “Western mind” was an “even keel”, in the Arab world “outbursts and loss of control expected”. One slide even asked: “What’s wrong with frequent Jekyll and Hyde temper tantrums?”

In his letter Durbin asked for the materials to be made public, for the individuals who created it to be provided with retraining and for FBI agents exposed to it to also be retrained.



The 2008 version of Obama seemed to think it was.

Via Weekly Standard:

There was an amazing exchange today at the State Department press briefing when the press secretary refused to say that Jerusalem is the capital of the state of Israel. “We are not going to prejudge the outcome of those negotiations, including the final status of Jerusalem,” State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland said in response the question.

When pressed further, Nuland stood her ground. “Our policy with regard to Jerusalem is that it has to be solved through negotiations. That’s all I have to say on this issue,” said Nuland.

Later, an apparently irritated spokesman again repeated her commitment not to answer the simple question. “I don’t have anything further to what I’ve said 17 times on that subject,” said Nuland. “OK?”

The questions were regarding this Washington Free Beacon story that highlighted the State Department’s refusal to list Jerusalem as part of Israel.


Just commies taking care of commies.

Mitt Romney: Out-of-touch, out-of-date, unelectable — Pravda

Electing Mitt Romney as the next President of the United States of America would be like appointing a serial paedophile as a kindergarten teacher, a rapist as a janitor at a girls’ dormitory or a psychopath with a fixation on knives as a kitchen hand. His comments on Russia are a puerile attempt at making the grand stage and boy, did he blow it…

Somewhat like Condoleezza Rice did before the Bush regime was er. . .“elected”. . ., Mitt Romney takes the chance to mouth off about Russia, calling her “our number one geopolitical foe” which fights “every cause for the world’s worst actors”. Unfortunately, such vapid stupidity has become commonplace among senior US politicians, providing the rest of the world with a telling insight as to the real nature of the political class in that country — out of touch, out of date and dangerously jingoistic. In short, overgrown self-opinionated schoolboys with super-egos but nothing whatsoever to back it up with. [...]

Exactly at a time when Russia and the USA are finding that they have far more in common than differences, exactly when they see that they are much more friends than foes, when they see that there is so much to be gained through collaboration, a foul-mouthed, big-headed oaf like Romney with more money than sense makes a comment that reveals who he really is to the world: a pea-brained, pith-headed simpleton with too much testosterone and too little common sense, with zero tact, no diplomacy and a paramount grasp on the intricacies of world politics. A prize, good-for-nothing ignoramus.


4 more years of this and we’re really screwed .

(Daily Mail) — It makes for sobering reading.

In recent months the job market looked to be on the rise, offering hope that the economy might finally be getting back on track.

But data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that nearly 20 per cent of America’s core workforce are out of a job.

After five years of struggles, it is a sobering reminder of how far the country still has to go.

Two in 10 or 17 per cent of men aged 25 to 54 — traditionally the backbone of the workforce — are unemployed.

Just five years ago 88 per cent of prime-age men were holding down steady jobs. Going back to the 1940s through 70s more than 90 per cent were in employment.

More shocking still is the fact the number of 25 to 54-year-old men with a job (45.9 million) is actually lower than during the height of the recession, which ran from December 2007 to June of 2009.

SmartMoney compared that data to the entire population and noted that, by that measure, just 75 percent of prime-age men currently have a full time job.


Story you may not hear or ever hear from the liberal press. May he rest in peace.

Via Security Clearance:

. . .The story of Spc. Dennis Weichel of the Rhode Island National Guard bears telling.

The official Pentagon news release says he died “from injuries suffered in a noncombat related incident.” But there is much more to the story. Weichel, 29, of Providence, died saving the life of a little girl.

According to the Rhode Island National Guard and the U.S. Army, Weichel was in a convoy a week ago with his unit in Laghman Province, in northeast Afghanistan. Some children were in the road in front of the convoy, and Weichel and other troops got out to move them out of the way.

Most of the children moved, but one little girl went back to pick up some brass shell casings in the road. Afghan civilians often recycle the casings, and the girl appeared to aim to do that. But a Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected vehicle was moving toward her, according to Lt. Col. Denis Riel of the Rhode Island National Guard.

MRAPs, as they are known, usually weigh more than 16 tons.

Weichel saw the massive truck bearing down on the girl and grabbed her out of the way. But in the process, the armored truck ran him over, Riel said.

The little girl is fine. Weichel died a short time later of his injuries.

“He was a big kid at heart. He always had a smile on his face, and he made everyone laugh,” 1st Sgt. Nicky Peppe, who served with Weichel in Iraq, is quoted as saying in an Army story.

“But as much as Weichel was funny, he was also a professional. When it was time to go outside the wire for a combat patrol, he was all business.”

Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee has ordered flags in the state lowered to half-staff until Weichel, who was posthumously promoted to sergeant, is laid to rest Monday.

Weichel is survived by his parents, his fiancee and three children. His family will be awarded a Bronze Star and other awards for his sacrifice.


Does the man even know that chutzpah means?

(The Hill) — Vice President Biden returned to the campaign trail Wednesday, telling an Iowa crowd that “America is coming back” thanks to Obama administration policy and deriding Mitt Romney as “out of touch” with the American manufacturing sector.

“America is coming back,” he told a crowd at manufacturing plant in Davenport, according to NBC. “It’s not a political slogan, it’s a reality.”

The stop was one of four planned appearances for the vice president; Biden had previously spoken at campaign appearances in Ohio and Florida.

During his address, Biden mocked Romney, so is looking increasingly favorable as the GOP nominee, as consistently wrong on job creation.

Biden went on to say that electing a Republican in November would slow the economic recovery.

“Conventional wisdom that manufacturing is dead in this country is dead wrong, and we’ve got to maintain this momentum,” Biden said. “But one thing that would bring this momentum to a screeching halt is turning over the keys to the White House” to Santorum or Romney.

The vice president also joked Romney had “chutzpah” for suggesting the president was “out of touch” with American’s economic concerns.

“Out of touch? Romney?” Biden said. “As an old friend of mine says, that’s chutzpah.”


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