First I have to tell two tales that happened to me today.

The first was the zipper on my winter jacket decided finally to quit working for good. The part that one pulls up or down to zip up or unzip? It broke into two parts! So jacket is useless now. Into the trash. But got out my other winter jacket. I liked that one more, but my wife liked the now into the trash jacket because it was more colorful.

The second was earlier I had created this long post with lots of articles and graphics. And when I got to the last line, the last word. And went to hit the period? I hit some key that caused the entire post to disappear! Yep, all my hard work on that post, which you will never read, went down the drain. Don’t ask me what the key was, but it was a doozy. See I type looking at the screen and not my keyboard. I was taught how to type without looking at the keys like way before there were even electric typewriters!

If I ever find out what that key is that eliminated my post, I will then proceed to cuss it out.


Buy a McDonald’s burger and leave it on your counter for a year.

Melanie Hesketh, from Windsor, Ontario, has a McDonald’s cheeseburger sitting on her kitchen counter. It looks as good as new, except that it’s been there for a year. That’s right, a whole year. Nope, no mould, no fungi, no maggots. Apparently, even bacteria won’t eat the food that millions of people around the world queue up for, each day. According to Melanie, who is a professional nutritionist at Windsor’s Lifetime Wellness Center, the meat patty has just shrunk a little but otherwise looks edible. It has a faint but lingering greasy, leathery odor, and still smells slightly like a burger. Her trick has worked pretty well. The sight of the burger in their kitchen every single day has helped her kids cut back on their intake of fast food. In fact, her oldest son has visited McDonald’s maybe only twice in the past year, in spite of growing peer pressure.

The meat-patty is all fine, but I was wondering about the bun and the cheese. Surely, those should have gone moldy in at least a few weeks. Melanie reports otherwise. The bun has hardened, but is perfectly preserved along with the slice of cheese. She attributes this to the ‘astronomical’ amounts of salt and other preservatives contained in fast food. All this does make one wonder (once again) about the food served in places like McDonald’s. If the food never spoils, exactly how old is that burger that’s being served to us? In response to such questions, the company says on their website, “Despite the myths out there, our meat is very real!” They go on to point out that the meat used is “100 per cent Canadian, CFIA-inspected beef.” The meat is “sprinkled with salt and pepper at the restaurant during cooking. That’s it. No additives, fillers or binding agents,” they add.


Okay, here are my thoughts on those US MARINES now in hot water because of the video on youtube and gosh knows how many news sites right now about them pissing on the dead terrorist taliban idiots.


Now the bad thing is? Our islamic president, his liberal ass minions in the defense department, the state department and well the entire leftist government we are under are screaming bloody murder at this BARBARIC and inhumane action by our marines! Of course, these are the same idiot islamic liberals who praise the freaking taliban and do not say a word when the taliban kill, torture and behead our people or their people! Talk about some anti-american assholes we have leading America and our military!

Even dumbass, old senile asshole, John McCain has chimed in and calls it a barbaric act and wanting action taken against our marines! This guy has got to go! He is now a for real islamic! Yes, I call anyone who protests what our military does against the terrorists an islamic! And also anyone who praises the taliban, the terrorists, etc. as an islamic. There and now that means like 99% of all liberals, including idiots like those so called journalists on CNN, MSNBC, etal. are all islamics!

I think we should all hope and pray those marines are not put into any harm or made to pay some stupid sentence for a crime that is not a damn crime! And ouchie, but some dumbass news outlet has come out and posted all the names of those marines for the world and the terrorists to see! Now those who did this have now put those men and their families into danger! Freaking asshole islamics!


Muslims still whining about NYC police surveillance of Muslims  Tough shit I say! If they do not like the fact that they are terrorists and haters of America and have to be watched like hawks, let them go back to their filthy ass countries! I really believe that every single muslim asshole in our country should be watched, every mosque watched, every muslim business watched, hell like all things and all animals called muslims should be watched 24/7. Or deport every one who bitches and whines! Hell, deport ALL muslims. Hear tell that Canada loves muslim ragheads, send them all north….


Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) appears to be in the early stages of launching an investigation into the Department of the Interior’s handling of the Occupy DC encampment at McPherson Square, an effort that his panel’s top Democrat thinks is a waste of time.

“Our committee has the power to achieve great benefits investigating waste, fraud and abuse on behalf of the American people,” Oversight and Government Reform ranking member Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) said in a statement provided to Roll Call, “but investigating Occupy Wall Street protestors is a poor use of our resources and authority.”

Issa’s interest in the situation began late last year when he sent a letter to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar asking for answers and documents relating to protestors’ around-the-clock presence at McPherson Square since Sept. 17. Issa believes it could constitute “camping,” which would be in violation of the law.

He also said their presence could be harming public grounds that received more than $400,000 in upgrades as part of the 2009 economic stimulus law.

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(notice the liberal asswipe who is protecting these occupier dirtbags? a democrat, natch!)


Dennis Miller Smacks Down Piers Morgan for Calling Breitbart Evil

by Noel Sheppard, Newsbusters
As NewsBusters previously reported, CNN’s Piers Morgan on Tuesday told Andrew Breitbart that he’s “notoriously evil about almost everybody.”

The following morning, comedian and syndicated radio host Dennis Miller called Morgan out for this affront.

Read the article here.


These days, there is plenty of wrangling over the future of America’s woeful traditional public schools. Inside the Beltway, congressional Republicans, Senate Democrats, and President Barack Obama are in a stalemate over the reauthorization of the No Child Left Behind Act. Obama will also have to defend his school reform legacy against any one of the Republican presidential aspirants who becomes the nominee (who, in turn, will have to distance himself from the school reform mantle of George W. Bush, upon whose efforts Obama has built his own).

In statehouses throughout the country, school reform outfits such as StudentsFirst — the one million member organization started in 2010 by legendary (or infamous) former Washington, D.C. school chancellor Michelle Rhee — are sparring with affiliates of the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers over expanding school choice, and overhauling the system of teacher compensation that has imposed a $1.1 trillion burden on taxpayers.

There are the emerging cadres of Parent Power activists who are pushing against traditional school districts for the passage of Parent Trigger laws, which allow a majority of parents to petition for the overhaul of failing schools, and the end of zoned school policies that restrict school choice. Families in the Los Angeles suburb of Lynwood are already tangling with the AFT local there (which has all but called the parents dupes for “pro-charter heavy hitters”). Meanwhile school reformers will battle with teachers’ unions at the polls over efforts to recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (who successfully abolished collective bargaining and forced dues payments by teachers to the two unions), and roll back reforms in states such as Idaho.

But the next front in the battle over schools will involve the most-unlikely of players: The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. As with the traditional teacher compensation and defined-benefit civil service pensions, it is the high cost of decades of dealmaking — this time between states and the federal government — that will put teachers’ unions and other defenders of traditional public education on the defensive.


Thanks to decades of deal-making between NEA and AFT affiliates, state governments, and school districts, school spending has increased by a five-fold while the number of teachers and bureaucrats have increased by a factor of three; school spending increased by 16 percent between 2000 and 2007 alone. Even during the economic malaise, most states sheltered education from the cost-cutting applied to other line-items. The Obama administration also helped by providing $95 billion in federal stimulus spending and another $10 billion ladled to states and school districts as part of the Edujobs plan for staving off expected teacher layoffs that weren’t ever coming to pass.

But states are now realizing the full cost of the array of degree- and seniority-based pay scales, defined-benefit pensions, almost-free healthcare, and near-lifetime employment that has made teaching the most-lucrative profession (and most-insulated from hiring and firing) within the public sector. The average state spent 34 cents on benefits for every dollar of teacher salary in 2008-2009 versus 28 cents six years ago. These burdens, along the unlikelihood of future federal bailouts, and the realization that traditional teacher compensation ineffective at rewarding high-quality teachers and spurring student achievement, have led budget-cutting governors and legislatures to team up with school reformers on requiring teachers to pay more toward their healthcare costs, move towards alternatives such as performance-based pay, abolish collective bargaining, and make it tougher for laggard teachers to keep their jobs.

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Think about this good and hard….

One day, Nancy Pelosi lands in her private jet and is escorted to her limo. She gets in. It pulls out, and the doors lock. A cell phone jammer is employed to keep her from calling out and the limo drives to a location not where she wanted to go. Henry Waxman also disappears.

For the entire post, check out The Anti-Liberal Zone


Obama Regime Sends Coast Guard To Protect Ships From Violent Union Goons, Occupiers…

In other words, Obama is sending the Coast Guard to protect ships from his supporters.

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Of course what you won’t read in the MSM is that we have already exceeded the debt limit.

(OTM) — President Obama has officially requested an increase to the statutory debt limit.

The formal request gives both chambers 15 days to vote on whether to approve of the $1.2 trillion hike. The House plans to vote on this request when it returns next week, a spokeswoman for Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) said.

In a letter to House and Senate leaders sent Thursday, the president informed the Congress that the federal government had come within $100 billion of the existing limit and another increase is “required to meet existing commitments.” The boost will be the third and final increase to the ceiling under the debt limit deal struck in August, and is intended to cover the government’s borrowing through the 2012 elections.

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Egyptian Salafi Leader Says Greeting Christians On Religious Occasions “Forbidden” Soon, he will say it is okay to kill Christians. Wait and see!

Stephanopoulos: Contraception debate question ‘a bet’ with Diane Sawyer Short guy and islamic woman. What a pair! They need to get fired and not allowed to be in the news/opinions business.

Occupy squalor: the ultimate test for helicopter parents If one of our kids (who were raised right by the way) had a brain fart and joined the occupiers? I would say you made your bed, you lay in it.