We are in a religious war.

You will say you are not. But the people that want you dead get a vote.

This is why the west is losing. We don’t have the resolve to admit that they are at war with us.

Religion of peace means means peace via Sharia. Not peace without violence. What we believe is peace they do not.

There was a time that the west was united under religion.

We don’t have that tying us together any longer.

What we should have instead are liberal ideals, which islam seeks to destroy.

What we do have is the lingering poison of cultural marxism and white guilt.

What we need is the courage to see the truth, and act upon what we know.

What we know is that an army we’ve beaten before is invading the west again.

Christendom won’t be uniting against it anytime soon.

Luckily, our current enemies can’t compare to the threat of their predecessors.

Our military strength is more than enough to destroy them, if given the order.

The only thing holding it back is the suicidal reluctance to name our enemy.

There is no future for any culture which denies its own right to exist.

There is no future for our culture, if that denial is shared by us, with islam.

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