We can’t allow them to gain ground anywhere

I believe that by the end of Trumps first term, or half way through his 2nd, the EU will be unrecognizable.
-There will be groups running around that look a lot like the IRA trying to save their country.
-Terror attacks will be more like military assaults once they figure out their weapon smuggling routes.
-Islamists will take over small towns and fight for actual territory all over the EU.
-The EU will be under marshal law due to an unbelievable amount of terrorism and territory strongholds.

Will the EU continue to live in denial, give up and turn over, or will they face the truth and do what must be done…

No matter what, the EU must never be in a position to turn over nuclear capability and the US must continue to keep Leftists out of the White House… Something very big and ugly is going to happen in our life time, probably world wide…. and it ain’t global warming..

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