We Need Non-Islamic Leadership in the USA!

Okay, bear with me here. Our leaders, the entire freaking Obama regime, are islamic loving nuts. Pure and simple! They are negotiating with known terrorists! Namely the taliban. They will give the taliban those terrorists we have locked up in GITMO (Guantanomo Bay). Yes just free terrorists to go and kill again! To go free and plan new actions to kill more Americans! This is our government at work people. They even helped the taliban set up an office in Qatar so that both sides can meet in peace. What gets me? 140 taliban terrorists are at this office! WTF? Why not kill these bastards?

Now will the United Nations, those organizations like Amnesty International (a leftist run at that), our president, our state department, any liberals say and do something about islamics and islamic regimes run wild? Hell no! It is so much better for these left run and leftists to bitch about the USA, our prison system, GITMO, how we treat islamics, etc etc etc than to actually say that islamics are killers, islamic regimes are killers. Like this latest one, our freaking ass so-called ally Saudi Arabia.

(ONN) — Thirty-five Christians have been jailed in Saudi Arabia for worshiping in their own homes according to a recent report. The news only surfaced this week that the Christians have been imprisoned for over a month.

Jonathan Racho of International Christian Concern says it is no wonder that Christians there worship in their homes because of the danger they face.

“In Saudi Arabia there is no church,” says the ICC spokesman. “There is no other place of worship other than mosques — so the Christians in Saudi Arabia only gather at their private homes to worship. And when they worship, as you can see in this particular example, they could also be arrested.”

Racho was able to talk with one of the female prisoners by phone and explains that prisoners are suffering because of lack of proper medical attention. “They told me that especially the male prisoners have been assaulted by the Saudi officials,” he shares.

One of the prisoners told Racho that a Saudi official insulted them by telling them they are non-believers, animals, and supporters of America.

See, the just go into people’s homes and throw them in jail for being CHRISTIAN! Can you imagine the freaking rage from the liberals, from CAIR, from the United Nations, and all those leftist organizations if the USA had down something like this to islamics? Yet, our islamic president, Obama, his islamic head of the state department, that witch from Arkansas, and all others will NOT condemn the Saudis in any way shape or form!

See, it really is time for all patriots, all christians, in America to take back our country from the liberals, the ACLU, the unions, and all those freaking ass islamics.

And if islamics and islamic countries don’t like it? Tough shit I say! This is AMERICA, a country FOUNDED on CHRISTIAN principles. Not some wipeass book that is full of invectives and hatred towards all people who are not islamic!

That leads me to this. We need to vote in TEA PARTY backed republicans! NOT those republicans that are backed by the republican party hacks, like that dumbass liberal cunt from Massachusetts called Mittens Romney! We need to take back the republican party from the insiders who are no different than the liberals running the democrat party.

If not, it will not be too long before CHURCHES will be outlawed and only mosques allowed in our cities and towns. Not too long before the BIBLE is removed from libraries and stores and hotels and motels and replaced with that so-called holy book of the islamic killers.

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And this is the regime that our islamic head of government loves and supports. Obama wants to continue sending billions to this pile of shit country! Now it will be official home to terrorists, paid by the USA. Cairo, home and main office of Al Queda.

A member of the newly elected Egyptian parliament has called for al Qaeda’s emir to return to the country “with his head held high and safely.”

Aboud al Zomor, who served as the first emir of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad and was later imprisoned for his role in President Anwar Sadat’s assassination, said that he welcomes Ayman al Zawahiri’s return to Egypt and that he would be given safe haven, according to a report published yesterday in Al-Sharq Al-Awsat. The report was translated from Arabic by the Foundation For Defense of Democracies.

“When asked if he saw any danger in al Zawahiri’s return, al Zomor said that ‘he was not a threat to Egypt, the likes of al Zawahiri differed with the previous regime and they were only a danger for this regime and not for Egypt, and now he is liberating Afghanistan and Iraq…’” the report stated. Zomor also lamented that the US would be opposed to Zawahiri’s return to Egypt.

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You, the dark-skinned TEA party guy. You’re gone.


“Allen West is Screwed.”

This was a direct quote from an unnamed legislator reported by The Shark Tank: At the time one could say, “unnamed legislator?? I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Well, believe it. It’s happening, courtesy of the Romney Team and spokesperson Mark Weatherford.

This is the establishment fighting back against TEA party stalwarts. Attacking Allen West in Florida???

What more do you need in order to see what Mitt Romney is?

Story at Legal Insurrection


This is the man Romney and the republican liberals want to get rid of:

Allen West to Obama, Reid, Pelosi: ‘Get the Hell Out of the United States of America’

by Madeleine Morgenstern – The Blaze
Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) had a strong message Saturday for President Barack Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz: “Get the hell out.”

West made the comments during a speech at a Palm Beach County GOP event in West Palm Beach.


Gingrich: Romney ‘carpetbombing’ rivals

Baghdad Bob Back On Obama’s Payroll

Islamic Scholars Endorse “Electronic Jihad”


Now for my rant on those shitheads we have that are called occupiers! Forget their freaking rights! Just arrest them all and send them to North Korea or somewhere. They are costing you and I and all taxpayers a fortune for the destruction they have caused and are causing! Should be so simple, if we had someone other than freaking liberals in charge of our government, to tell the police throughout our land to “arrest all occupiers and any occupier supporters, that includes any freaking lawyer, mayor, whatever” and turn them over to the military for transport to North Korea, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Yemen. Ships just stop about a mile offshore and toss those occupiers over the side and let them swim to shore.

This is what pisses me off and should you, any asshole that burns our flag!!!!An occupier shitheaded douche burning our flag in Oakland. Cops should have been given orders to shoot to kill these assholes.

Yet Obama, Holder, liberals, islamics in our government, liberal actors and actresses, liberal film makers, hell just all liberals, stand behind these fucking idiots call occupy! Our country has gone to hell when our leaders not only put up with shitheads like these, but actually support them, praise them and tell us they are fighting for us!!!