We need TSA gone

I can barely take an agency called DHS ( Department of Homeland Security ), but damn I hate what DHS comes up with, like the TSA (Transportation Security Administration). They are nothing but a bunch of fucking thugs who enjoy raping and beating up citizens and getting away with it (raping, I mean they do rape when they practically strip a woman and then manhandle her vagina in hopes of finding something).

Why I say, TSA has passed its day and needs to be disbanded and nothing else to take its place! And every fucking agent of TSA, especially those supervisors and admins, need to be in court at once.

Here is again, the latest about the new American Gestapo Agency, called the TSA:

Disabled woman beaten bloody by TSA agents after becoming confused and afraid at security checkpoint.

This at the Memphis International Airport! Those asshole agents of the TSA should be at once taken to jail and kept there (at least until a posse of citizens get to have them).

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