We will be busy today

Shortly we will be leaving for Des Moines.

Today is both a sad day and a happy day.

Our dear Aunt Louise will be laid to rest today.

She was 99 years old when she died. She was born the day after the Titanic sunk. She died 10 days before her 100th birthday.

Long story about her, but it was her wish not to live to see her 100th year on earth.

Today, it should be a birthday party for her, but it will be a wake. But not a sad one for sure!

Family from around the country are here. Her surviving two brothers and two sisters are here.

Anyways, after the funeral and the wake, most of the family will gather together for a late lunch, or early dinner.

You all have a good day and in passing say thanks to the Lord in Heaven for accepting our dear Aunt Louise.