Welcome to my Blawg, Y’all

Welcome to my blawg where I will tell you what I’m thinking about because what I’m thinking about is awesome.  Or not. You are the judge. Or is it the jury? Either way, I don’t give a shit! Also what I am not thinking about. For some times, I stop all pretense at thinking! Prepare for a serving of science, philosophy, comedy, art, film, epistemology, ethics, politics, literature, history, sex, non sequiturs, dinosaurs, gender, race, ethnicity, feminism, poetry, physics, quantum physics, astrophysics, string theory, chemistry, astronomy, biology, poop jokes, love, meaning, vulnerability, insecurity, religion, solipsism, atheism, altruism, freethinking, existentialism, LGBTQA+ activism, mathematics, general relativity, special relativity, movies, television, BOOKS!, morality, anthropology, wisdom, linguistics, animal rights, pizza, neuroscience, phenomenology, satire, evolution, cosmology, critical theory, consciousness, nature, polemicists, contrarians, heroes, big words, ethnocentrism, xenophobia, obscure actors, Abe Vigoda, metaphysics, cognitive biases, economics, pseudoscience, psychology, sociology, environmentalism, neuroticism, narcissism, egoism, and Betty White. Now all of the above will come from sources even I actually read.

Or maybe just some of the above?