Western Women Converting To Islam Are Hilarious

Nothing makes me gulp my own laughter faster than when I see a white Western woman wrapped up in a hijab, converted to Islam after discovering how wonderful Islam treats women and “Muhammad is the greatest campion of women’s rights.” I mean, really!? Did your Muslim friend only read parts of scriptures from parts of the Quran and left out the Hadith altogether? Are they really that naive and so willing to believe the people who’s job it is to convert people to Islam without researching it for themselves first? If they did, they would have found Muhammad engaged in pedophilia, he stated repeatedly that women have inferior minds, claimed that most women are in hell, instructed to strike a disobedient wife, handed out women like party gifts and allowed his men to have sex with their captured female slaves. This situation was still probably better than that of women prior to the rise of Islam; however, Muhammad was far from being “the greatest champion of women’s rights the world has ever seen.”

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