What Our New Years Resolution Should Be

“The truth is Polly Dunning is the epitome of the third form of fake news – “The Failed Millennial Leftist Diary.” Merely one of millions of failed leftist millennials who cannot accept that, even with their precious liberal arts degrees, they are common, boring, and offer nothing of value to the world. Since they cannot accept this and their ego must be satiated, they go to the internet to journal about their “heroic journey” or “struggle” where they find other sympathetic, self-commiserating failed millennial leftists. But mere commiseration is not enough, so they resort to increasing levels of sensationalism, brown journalism, and radical story telling to get validation in the form of traffic and likes. Some, like Polly, get lucky and have one article go viral for 15 minutes of internet fame. Some get REALLY lucky and get an unpaid job at the Huffington Post. But they never get more followers, subscribers, or notoriety than a Bernard Chapin, a Stacy McCain, or even myself because their stories and they themselves are unmentionably common.”

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