Why Is The Truth Now Racist?

In the left’s never ending quest to find everything racist, they have now hit a new low by calling the truth racist. I have watched with amazement while the left has called everything from white boards to white copy paper racist, from having a different opinion than the left to not voting for Barack Obama as racist.

At first, it used to make me laugh; now I just shake my head while saying “what a bunch of idiots.”

Out in California, (where else, right?) Bay Area Rapid Transit has experienced a wave of black teenage crime, a group of black teens has been robbing and terrorizing passengers, mostly at the Coliseum station in Oakland. Officials of California’s Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) are now refusing to release surveillance videos of criminals assaulting passengers on its trains because they claim the media is exploiting the images for ratings, saying that they “create a racial bias.”

I may be wrong, but isn’t it more important to protect the riders from being victimized by letting them know where the crime areas are? Or is it more important to make sure we don’t hurt the feelings of those people of color who happen to be criminals?

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