Why Taxing Robots is Stupid

Hmmmm….the opposite view an earlier post of mine (HERE). Do read it all….I am of the mind, why bother with taxes on any type of robot, human, ice tea, whatever.

Much like Ben Carson delved into a world he didn’t know what he was talking about where he claimed slaves were immigrants, Bill Gates, like many IT moguls, decided to stupidly wander into a world he knows nothing about – economics.  In a video Gates advocated “taxing robots” as a means to assuage people over their irrational concern that robots are going to replace them and steal their jobs.  This tax would be used to finance charitable, social work, and other humane type jobs, such as helping the elderly, the poor, and the children, and would create the jobs needed to replace the ones lost to the robots.  But while the idea seems nice and there are some elements that could work, the idea is childlike, naive, and ignorant as (like most idealistic leftist poppycock) it ignores real world economics.

First, how would you tax the robots?  Would it be a sales tax on robots purchased?  Would it be on their production?  Would there be a stamp tax?  I certainly don’t put it past the governments (state, federal and local) to choose the worst (or all) of these means by which to tax robots, but if you thought about it there’s already a tax in existence to tax robots.

Much more so do go and read it all (hey, learn some things like I did) HERE

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