Why the Titanic still Fascinates Us Today


Dorothy Gibson—the 22-year-old silent film star— huddled in a lifeboat, dressed in only a short coat and sweater over an evening gown. She was beginning to shiver.

Ever since it had been launched, at 12:45 a.m., Lifeboat 7 had remained stationed only 20 yards away from the Titanic in case it could be used in a rescue operation. Dorothy and her mother, Pauline, who had been traveling with her, had watched as lifeboat after lifeboat left the vessel, but by just after 2 o’clock it was obvious that the vast majority of its passengers would not be able to escape from the liner. Realizing that the ship’s sinking was imminent, lookout George Hogg ordered that Lifeboat 7 be rowed away from the Titanic. The risk of being sucked down was high, he thought, and so the passengers and crew manning the oars rowed as hard as they could across the pitch-black sea. Dorothy could not take her eyes off the ship, its bow now underwater, its stern rising up into the sky.

“Suddenly there was a wild coming together of voices from the ship and we noticed an unusual commotion among the people about the railing,” she said. “Then the awful thing happened, the thing that will remain in my memory until the day I die.”



Titanic Memorial (ca. 1931) at Washington Channel Park near Fort McNair in Washington, D.C. by Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney located in James M. Goode’s Southwest D.C.

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The RMS Titanic, a British Olympic-class ocean liner, became famous as the largest ocean liner built in her day and also for sinking on her maiden voyage in 1912 with a tremendous loss of life. Estimates vary, but around 1,500 people perished in the accident; the disaster ranks as one of the worst peacetime maritime disasters in history, and is by far the best remembered. The media frenzy about the incident, the discovery of the wreck in 1985, and the box office successes of three major films have perpetuated the fame. The loss of life affected many aspects of maritime law and safety practices. Source: Wikipedia



Harvard professor and Manliness author Harvey C. Mansfield opined, “We are attracted to the manly man because he imparts some of his confidence to everyone else.”

Manly men—past and present—have captivated the world with their talents, leadership, oratory skills, and virility. They are strong, protective, and brave. They are fathers, gentlemen, husbands, friends, and neighbors. They are innovators, pioneers, and model citizens. Simply put, manly men are invincible.

Great men like Ronald Reagan, Charlton Heston, Winston Churchill, and Clark Gable exhibited manly traits in their respective lives. They lived in an era where men were expected to defend themselves and were prepared to fight. Before the ascendancy of feminism, manliness was the gold standard – a virtue all young men wanted and sought. Anything short of manliness was discouraged.

Today, we look to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, Florida Congressman Allen West, actor Bruce Willis, and other manly men for confidence and guidance. They make us feel safe and comfortable. They lead us and represent us. They protect us from harm’s way here and abroad. Without them, civilization would cease to exist.

Alas, feminists have waged a war on men and continue to perpetrate it.

Feminists contend that patriarchy and its “male enablers” enslave women through marriage and motherhood. They assert that men are sex-driven, lustful pigs keen on subduing women. As a result, feminists are determined to undermine them.

Here is proof:

1)      A typical feminist believes men enslave women through marriage:

“Since marriage constitutes slavery for women, it is clear that the Women’s Movement must concentrate on attacking this institution. Freedom for women cannot be won without the abolition of marriage.” – Sheila Cronan, in Radical Feminism – “Marriage” (1970)

2)      A typical feminist thinks men are rapists:

“Male sexual aggression is endemic, if any sex act against a person’s will were considered rape, the majority of men would be rapists.” – Marilyn French, The War Against Women, Ballantine Books, 1992, p. 193

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Women More Likely to Have Mental Health Problems After Abortion


Beijing, China (LifeNews/CFAM) — A new study from China shows that women who have experienced induced abortion have omnipresent mental health problems during a subsequent pregnancy. It also confirms that adverse mental health effects of induced abortion are far more severe than those of miscarriage and they persist longer.

The most recent study published in the Bulletin of Clinical Psychopharmacology by Z. Huang and colleagues from the Anhui Medical College in China finds that women who had an induced abortion a year or more prior to the pregnancy were 49% more likely to experience depression and 114% more likely to suffer from anxiety in the first trimester of subsequent pregnancy compared to women with no abortion history.

Women who had an induced abortion less than one year prior to the pregnancy experienced a 97% increased risk of anxiety in the first trimester and 64% greater risk of depression in the second trimester. Women who experienced spontaneous abortion one year or more before the pregnancy, however, did not face greater risk of anxiety or depression.

The Chinese study looks at 6,887 women, more than 40% of whom had experienced at least one induced abortion. Maternal education, income, place of residence and body mass index (BMI) scores are controlled for in order to identify the independent effect of abortion on mental health problems during subsequent pregnancy.

In China, abortion is legal and available for women as a government service. The authors argue that abortion plays an imperative role in achieving China’s goals of population stability through the one-child policy.

In rural areas, a second child is sometimes allowed after five years, especially if the first-born is a girl. In urban areas, couples often choose to terminate the first pregnancy, knowing they are only allowed one child. The densely populated Anhui province, where the study was conducted, is a case in point. Partly as a result of widespread abortion, it also has one of the highest gender imbalance ratios in China: more than 130 boys for 100 girls according to a British Medical Journal 2009 studyon “China’s Excess Males, Sex Selective Abortion, and One Child Policy.” The natural ratio is 103 to 105 boys per 100 girls.

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I don’t know if I should laugh, or be pissed off about this. The Obama stimulus bill has been an epic failure. Nearly a trillion in tax payer dollars has been flushed down the toilet. There have been a ton of examples of what a waste the stimulus has been. Anywhere from Solyndra to millions wasted to study cow farts. Now comes word from CBS that $300 million of your tax payer dollars from Obama’s failed stimulus went to two electric battery plants in Michigan. Using that $300, the plants bought equipment and hired workers from Korea, not America. The only reason why I snicker at this is that Obama’s union thug pals are pissed off over this.

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“We” never believed them, only “you” did

Legal Insurrection

Joel Brinkley, currently a Professor at Stanford who spent most of his career as a foreign correspondent for The New York Times, has a column in the San Francisco Chronicle titled Islamists in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia not democratic.

The thesis of the column is that Westerners who took Islamists at their word that they would promote democracy and freedom as part of the Arab Spring were fooled.  Brinkley counts himself among those fooled:

Ever since Islamists took office in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, they have been  trying to convince us that they are advocates of moderation, democracy, women’s  rights and individual freedoms. And most people in the West, after jubilantly  watching the Arab Spring’s amazing revolutions last year, wanted to believe  them.

But now we can see that these Islamic groups are taking us for fools…

We should never have believed them.

We” never believed them and “we” were not fooled.  Only “you” and the cheerleaders at The NY Times like Roger Cohen believed them:




Obama Quote Responsible For Global Spit Take

From Bloomberg

“I think that it’s important for any candidate in public office to be as transparent as possible, to let people know who we are, what we stand for, and you know, I think that this is just carrying on a tradition that has existed throughout the modern presidency,” Obama said yesterday, according to a transcript of the interview released today. The interview will air on Univision’s “Al Punto” program on Sunday.

Obama said this while discussing Romney’s tax records. He said Romney should ‘absolutely’ release his tax returns.


Obama releases one document about himself and now he’s King Document Releaser, decreeing who is transparent and who has shit to hide. lol


This is a freakingly creepy picture! A few thoughts went through my head when I first saw it.


And if you think islamics have too much time on their hands, you may be right. These people are really inbred to come up with the fatwas and rulings that they do. Case in point is below….

Read this and you might understand why:

Back in May 2007, Dr. Izzat Atiya, head of Al Azhar University’s Department of Hadith, issued a fatwa, or Islamic legal decree, saying that female workers should “breastfeed” their male co-workers in order to work in each other’s company.

. . . Now, a report titled “Kuwaiti Activists: Husband Breastfeeding from Wife not Prohibited,” published earlier this month by Arabic RT (see also Garaa News) opens by announcing that “The adult breastfeeding fatwa has returned once again to the spotlight, after Kuwaiti Islamic activists supported the adult breastfeeding fatwa issued by the Egyptian Salafi, Sheikh Jamal al-Murakbi [different from Al Azhar's Sheikh Atiya]. This time around, the Kuwaitis examined the adult breastfeeding fatwa in the context of relations between a man and his wife.”

While the Kuwaiti sheikhs all essentially agree that the activity is not strictly forbidden according to Sharia-only “disliked” (literally makruh)-they are divided over the particulars.

• Sheikh Nazim Misbahi, head of the Fatwa Committee of the Islamic Heritage Revival Society in Kuwait, supports the decree, agreeing that “it is not forbidden [haram] for a man to breastfeed from his wife.”

• Sheikh Bassam al-Shatti, a Sharia professor, specifies: “If the husband deliberately sucks to obtain milk from the breast of his wife, this is forbidden; however, if it happens unintentionally during foreplay with his wife, then there is no problem-though it is disliked according to the four schools” of Sharia.

• Sheikh Sa’d al-Anzi stressed that “if the man, while being intimate with his wife, sucks her nipples, it is nothing, considered foreplay; but if the milk reaches his mouth, he should spit out-even if goes down in his stomach,” i.e., vomit.

Women protect yourself against these islamic breast feeders:


Now I really am pulling for the family here! I hope they win and they end up with all the shares and money and whatever!

Garage sale find: $130 million in Coke stock?

George Soros and John Paulson may have to make room for the late Tony Marohn, who possibly pulled off one of the greatest financial trades ever — at an estate sale.

Marohn’s family claims it is owed a $130 million stake in Coca-Cola Co after Marohn bought an antique Palmer Union Oil Co stock certificate in 2008 for a “nominal amount,” Marohn family attorney David Margules said on Thursday.

Marohn traced Palmer Union Oil to Coca-Cola, by way of long-forgotten companies such as Petrocarbon Chemicals Inc and Taylor Wine Co, according to court documents.

Marohn died in 2010, and but his family in California has taken on the legal battle with Coca-Cola Co, saying it is entitled to about 1.8 million shares of the soft-drink maker.

But before the family buys that vacation home in Aspen, they’ll have to convince a skeptical Delaware Chancery Court judge that the law is on their side.

“This is a new version of the Beverly Hillbillies,” Judge Leo Strine said at a hearing on January 31, according to a court transcript. He was referring to a 1960s television comedy about a backwoods family that becomes rich by finding oil on their property.

If upheld, Marohn’s estate would become among the largest non-institutional investors in Coca-Cola, according to Reuters data.

“The claim of Mr. Marohn’s estate that it is entitled to millions of dollars in Coca-Cola stock – based on a canceled stock certificate for a long-defunct oil company purchased at an estate sale – is meritless and unfair to the Company’s millions of legitimate shareholders,” said a Thursday statement from Coca-Cola.


Is this a for real picture of two jets with those names on the tail? If so, which one would you board?


Report: American Al-Shabaab Leader Beheaded By Fellow Jihadists…

Too good to be true? You may remember Omar Hammami as the rapping jihadist.

(Somaliland Sun) — The al-Qaeda-allied group al-Shabaab executed US-born jihadist Omar Hammami on April 5th, according to unconfirmed Somali media reports.

Hammami, known as Abu Mansour al-Amriki, said he feared for his life from other al-Shabaab leaders because of strategic and ideological differences in a statement released last month.

According to Somalia’s Gedo Online, Hammami was the only one absent from a recent meeting attended by top al-Shabaab leaders in Baraawe.

Al-Shabaab reportedly hunted down Hammami after he left Marka in the Lower Shabelle region. He was reportedly beheaded on the spot and buried somewhere between Marka and Baraawe.

According to the report, the alleged execution angered some al-Shabaab leaders, who accused al-Shabaab leader Ahmed Abdi Godane of ordering the execution.

A group of foreign fighters and other top al-Shabaab members, including Fuad Mohamed Khalaf, also known as Fuad Shongoole, reportedly fled to the Galgala Mountains following the news of the execution.

Other leaders who left upon hearing the news include Hassan Dahir Aweys and Mukhtar Robow, Gedo Online reported.

Aweys recently accused other al-Shabaab leaders, including Godane, of shedding the blood of Muslims and murdering innocent civilians in the name of Islam. He described the actions of al-Shabaab’s leaders as far removed from Islam.

Somali analysts say the al-Qaeda affiliated al-Shabaab group is on the verge of splintering due to deepening internal divisions exacerbated by recent military setbacks.



He gets a new heart, now goes after Obama. Good for him and he needs to push and push every single day!
(FOX News) — Dick Cheney, just weeks after undergoing heart transplant surgery, plunged back into the political theater Saturday — praising presumptive nominee Mitt Romney while slamming President Obama as an “unmitigated disaster.”

The tough words came during an hour-and-15-minute talk at the Wyoming Republican Party state convention in Cheyenne on Saturday.

He sat in a plush chair throughout the long chat with daughter Liz Cheney and looked decidedly healthier than recent appearances where he has been gaunt and used a cane.

After Rick Santorum dropped out of the race this past week, Cheney in his address urged the party to pull together behind Romney. He said the former Massachusetts governor would do a “whale of a job.”

His opinion of the sitting president was less flattering.

“He has been an unmitigated disaster to the country,” Cheney said of Obama.

Cheney’s heart transplant in Virginia on March 24 initially canceled his trip to the state party convention but he got last-minute medical clearance to go.

“I’m not running any foot races yet but it won’t be long,” he said.

He owed a “huge debt” to the unknown donor of his new heart, he said, and to medical technology. He did not take the opportunity to weigh in on health care politics.

He didn’t stumble in his words and his voice was clear.

Cheney has had five heart attacks. His first was during a visit to Cheyenne in 1978, when he was 37 and running for Congress for the first time. He recalled worrying about possibly having to suspend his campaign.


The perfect BLT……