Why there are NO moderate muslims

Uh maybe because Islamic extremism is fueled by the fundamentals of Islam, the very exact words written in the Quran and Hadith. It promises paradise to those Muslims who kill for Allah and condemns those Muslims who do not engage in fighting (4:95) and will punish them to hell if they don’t fight (9:38-39) It calls for you to kill even if you don’t like it as it’s what Allah has prescribed to Muslims and he knows what’s best for them (2:216)It calls to “cast terror into the hearts of non-believers” (3:151) Those who reject faith will be punished with terrible agony (3:56) It tells to cut the hands and the feet off anyone who attacks Allah (5:33) and behead and cut the fingers and toes off non-believers (8:12)and another call to tie up and behead non-believers, though you must first try get ransom money from them or convert them to Islam to avoid hell (47:3-4) And calls for his followers to never stop fighting the non-believers until everyone worships Allah. It warns that Islam will be offered to people in towns they wish to destroy, if they refuse then there will be “utter destruction.” (17:16) It demands wives and daughters to cover all of themselves except for their eyes (33:59) and to cut the hands off thieves (5:38) and “The woman or man found guilty of sexual intercourse, lash each one of them with a hundred lashes, and do not be taken by pity for them in the religion of Allah.” (24:2) A perfect example of modern Islamic law which we are told “isn’t real Islam.”

Much more to read here at the SOURCE

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