The development of a new app, healthy.io, promises patients the ability to carry out certain basic diagnostic tests at home, only making appointments with doctors or clinics if results suggest it may be necessary. It’s yet another small innovation that will save patients and practitioners time and money while allowing a greater level of oversight.

The medical field has been quick to adopt technology. Now, certain entrepreneurs and initiatives are starting to suggest that the medical profession can or should be automated. One entrepreneur claims robot diagnostics through chat bots may be better than doctors, for example, while another suggests that AR and VR will soon replace surgical training on people.

These arguments have persuasive numbers to back them up. It’s estimated that 2.2 million more surgeons will need to be trained to meet population need, far more than can be taught in the limited capacity of an operating theater. The ability to replace some doctors with bots may appear to be an elegant and cost-effective solution.

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