Wireless electricity

Thanks to the Walt Disney Company, wall plugs might become a thing of the past. Scientists at Disney Research have found a highly efficient way to deliver power to devices wirelessly across a room, using magnetic fields.

More than a century ago the great inventor Nikola Tesla unveiled a plan to provide free electricity to the world: he proposed setting up a wave of electricity bouncing constantly between the Earth and the upper atmosphere. All electrical devices would be tuned to the frequency of this wave and receive energy from it, creating a wirelessly powered world.

“Well that idea didn’t really work out,” says Alanson Sample, who leads the Wireless Systems group at Disney Research, “but it gave us some inspiration for ways to set up wireless power in large spaces.

“What we really want is a three dimensional charging experience where you walk in into your living room or office, and your cell phone is charged simply by walking in.”

One problem with Tesla’s plan was it used very high voltage electric fields, which are potentially dangerous. Instead, Sample and his team use oscillating magnetic fields, which harmlessly pass through human bodes – and anything else.

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