You Don’t Really Need an Anti-Virus App Anymore

Ten years ago the first thing you needed to load on a brand new computer were anti-virus and malware applications. The internet was a mine field of malicious content that could infect your entire home network with one errant click. Yet things have changed dramatically. Windows has much more robust security options built in, browsers are smarter, and, hopefully, so are the users.

Instead of spending your money on a lot of security software that is often as invasive and irritating as the malware it protects against, think long and hard about going with a minimalist security set up and practicing safe browsing techniques. Below are the scant few software software packages you really need, and where to find them.

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I got rid of Norton last year when they wanted like 99 or 149 bucks for a year. Saved some money there. And after I got rid of the last vestiges of Norton (they got stuff put into the weirdest parts of my computer), I never looked back…

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