Your Next Car Will Be Delivered Like a Pizza

Read this entire article and view the video. I think this is pretty neat and may be the real wave of the future for selling vehicles.

Doritos or a Dodge Challenger?

On Wednesday, Carvana, an e-commerce platform for used cars, is opening a vehicle vending machine in San Antonio, which is exactly what it sounds like. The four-year-old startup already has similar contraptions in Austin, Houston, and Nashville. Standing eight stories tall, the site is essentially a small garage with room for 30 cars. When a customer puts in a special “coin,” her car of choice is plucked from the rack like a bag of chips, albeit more delicately (here’s a video of how it works).

Customers buy their car in advance from the company’s online inventory of about 8,000 autos, then it’s loaded into the machine for the big reveal—as Carvana puts it: “A personalized and memorable pick-up experience.” Is it a gimmick? Of course. However, it’s rare for a car dealer–particularly a used-car dealer–to embrace the surprise-and-delight mantra that most retailers subscribe to these days. Coffee that’s occasionally decent is about as far as dealers go.

Now get the entirety HERE

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