In hospital

went into hospital tuesday morning.

bottom line, from here I go to hospice.

then a matter of time.

got DNR signed, sealed and delivered.

so this is my last post.

it has been a good 30 years or so on this net,

and this blog should disappear around august 10th.

Pain and pain

Yesterday was a great day and a bitch of a day…
Great day as birthday party for one great granddaughter who is now one year old.
Kids, grandkids and greatgrandkids came.
Had my picture taken with all of them….
Bitch of a day because probably last time I will see most of them and it kills me.

Today social worker here. Got our Health Care Directive mostly all done. He will come back tomorrow to finish everything and to notarize etc.

Plus the DNR for each of us is done (Do Not Resuscitate). Wife will take them to our doctor in the morning for his signature and for him to enter the DNR into our health records for all medical people, emt people, and so forth will have access. Then these will be put on our refrigerator so all emergency care people (ambulance, etal) will see it (the sheets are orange and stand out).

Today my doctor, because of serious pain, and the pain is still with me, changed me from hydrocodone to oxycontin. Pains all last night was so bad, that the hydrocodone just lowered the severity from a 10 to a 3 or a 4. Doctor assured me the new oxycontin would eliminate all the pain (yes, pain in several places now..from lower back to right leg from groin to knee.).

Then PT showed up with a transfer board and showed us how it was used. Good really for transfers from wheelchair to bed and back. Not to be used at toilet or shower. Ordered mine from Amazon, should be here tomorrow. The PT can come by and get her board.

Now to call funeral home to set up appointment for getting the entire cremation thing taken care of and paid for. Just simple cremation and a plot. No funeral services, or viewings, or grave site service.

Now shortly the phone call then some pain medication (oxycontin probably will be ready for me later today). Then to bed for a nap.

Today is a good day

Had a decent night’s sleep with little pain (thanks to the pain killers I take often).

Woke up and things happened that made me feel good for a bit.

Still a little pain, but I am okay with it all.

Should go back to bed, will see shortly,

Tomorrow here at our community room will be having a birthday party of one of our great granddaughters. She will be one year old!

Already got plans so that I am not exhausted or covered in kids.

Grandsons will take turns pushing me in wheelchair from apartment down to the room, and back.

Plus all the kids were told, ask me first for a hug and a kiss.

So may not post tomorrow.

Back on line

Tons of shit happening right now.

Easy stuff was I got a new Samasung Chromebook. Got it yesterday afternoon. Unlike windows, nothing to load up, nothing to verify much, just the main window popped up, waiting my google user and pass….bam!

I am back online, back to everything! No hunting down passwords, and all that windows crap.

So happy about all this.

Now the shit…..

Oncologist yesterday……shit, it is not good for me! They will be setting up an MRI and a Pet Scan, with sedation, for me soon…as this will take about 5, to 8 hours.

He told me, this will give him and the radiologist a better picture of the mass at the base of my spine. His feeling is the mass has increased in size based on my nerve processes of my legs (yesterday, nothing for my left left, no movement at all. could fee damn little, and he did scratch me to see if I felt that, I did not. If it has, then all bets are off and it is just a matter of time.

Then the cancer on my liver. Again, he said got to see if it decreased (damn doubtful), stayed the same (again damn doubtful) or increased (probability is very high). Again, increased or the same, just a matter of time for me.

He did take me off my chemo drug.

Also, he told me pain medications, etal…to be honest on my pain levels and where the pains are at. May have to increase dosage of present medication or switch to a stronger one. But he wants me to be sure and keep my pain down as much as possible at times.

Path for me coming up fast will be: nursing home for a bit, until they know I am ready tichen for skilled care…and finally, hospice.

Now my wife and I are okay with everything. She is knowing I will do all I can to fill out necessary paperwork (opm for death benefits, pension continuations, social security, and more). All ready for her signature and date when the date comes. Plus what needs for her to eliminate for all time (paypal, hosting for this blog, registrar for and more on the internet).

Plus set up appt. with funeral home at the corner from our place for cremation.

Daughter was here from North Carolina, so I plugged her into all the paperwork, where it is, etc. Plus ways to help her mother. Same with her son, he will also be heavily involved, especially the finances for my wife.

More to say, but another nurse due here any moment.

So stayed tuned.

PS…probably will post either just updates or maybe memes (funny and/or politcal), and just links to good stuff. No articles, etc.



Yep, yesterday was reading an article and BOOM! Everything froze up….eventually turning into a black screen! Nothing worked.

Looks like until I get a new laptop, I will have to use this computer in the computer room. Yeah, windows and all the evil it contains!

Of course no bookmarks, saved sites and passwords, blah blabh blah.

So no postings until I figure out how to pay for a new laptop.

Now, did get this morning from our great county transport system a freebie ride from here to my oncologist’s appt. and back home this thursday morning.

One huge worry off my mind for sure.

Will now have to find a permanent solution to transportation as county will do this only6 times a year for me.

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