10 Biggest Things The Harry Potter Goblet Of Fire Movie Leaves Out, According To Ranker

J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter franchise appealed to such a wide range of people, that even Draco Malfoy star Tom Felton feared being subjected to spoilers before the latest installments were released. This was largely due to the fact that Rowling was still writing the books while the films were being made.

But aside from spoilers, the other substantial concern fans had was whether or not their favorite moments would actually be included in the corresponding film adaptation. For a particularly ambitious entry like Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, more than a few of the book’s events were either significantly altered or removed altogether, as detailed by Ranker.

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10 Rita Skeeter Is An Animagus And Becomes Hermione’s Prisoner

Though Daily Prophet reporter Rita Skeeter is seen several times during Goblet of Fire, the film leaves out the book’s end to her story. Her ability to gain access to private stories is aided by being an unregistered Animagus – an illegal act in the wizarding world.

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In the book, Hermione captures Skeeter in a jar after the reporter transforms herself into a beetle. Hermione keeps Skeeter in the jar for over a week before returning to London and dumping her. The book supplies a much more satisfying end to Skeeter’s meddling and it also shows a bit of a vengeful side to Hermione, who vowed revenge for Skeeter’s lies.

9 Harry Receives Gillyweed From Dobby

Audiences will remember that Dobby, the troublesome but ultimately helpful house elf was first seen in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. His return in Goblet of Fire, however, was limited to the original novel and did end up being included in the 2005 film.

Dobby provides Harry with Gillyweed to help him breathe underwater for the second Triwizard task. In the film, it’s Neville who aids Harry in his moment of need. The book’s version is probably the better choice for fans, as it provides a little more depth to Dobby’s character. Cutting Dobby’s on-screen involvement likely came down to cost.

8 Harry Gives His Triwizard Winnings To Fred & George Weasley

While the fourth Harry Potter film fails to recognize that Harry hands over his 1000 Galleon Triwizard prize to Fred and George, the book explains it completely. Because they gambled away their funds, Harry feels giving the two Weasley brothers his winnings for their shop is the perfect solution.

It isn’t until the sixth film that audiences actually see Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, the joke shop that the Weasley brothers left Hogwarts early to start, and it’s a pretty impressive sight. Knowing that Harry is a major reason for the shop’s existence adds a stronger bond between him and the Weasley brothers – a dynamic that the films don’t flesh out enough for some.

7 Barty Crouch Sr. Is Kept Under The Imperius Curse

Those who enjoyed the Barty Crouch Sr. subplot in the Goblet of Fire book were left a bit disappointed by the events of the film. Rather than following the mysterious circumstances surrounding Crouch, the film simply kills the character off without much explanation.

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The book provides key details about Crouch being held by Voldemort under an Imperius Curse, as well as Crouch’s eventual murder at the hands of his son, Barty Jr. It’s unfortunate that more attention wasn’t given to Crouch Sr in the film, but time was likely a factor, considering how ambitious the source material is.

6 Sirius Remains Hidden In The Mountains Near Hogsmeade

Interactions between Harry and his godfather Sirius are mainly restricted to conversations in the Gryffindor common room in Goblet of Fire. Though it’s a lot of fun watching Sirius appear in the ashes of the room’s fireplace, it’s a far cry from what the book offers.

Because he’s an Animagus, the book sees Sirius hide as a dog in a cave near Hogsmeade. At one point Harry, Ron, and Hermione visit him. It’s definitely interesting to learn about the life that Sirius is forced to live, but the scene is a rather lengthy one and doesn’t provide any information that could be considered absolutely vital to the film’s plot.

5 Barty Crouch Jr. Receives The Dementor’s Kiss

Barty Crouch Jr.’s dedication to Lord Voldemort is revealed in Goblet of Fire, but his capture at the end of the film offers nothing but a brief glimpse of his fate. After impersonating Alastor Moody throughout the film, Dumbledore reveals that the Death Eater will be delivered to Azkaban.

Once again, the film seems to take a slightly more uplifting stance rather than sticking with the source material. Crouch’s punishment in the book is The Dementor’s Kiss, a fate said to be worse than death. As dark as the Harry Potter franchise can be from time to time, it seems that switching the demise of Barty Crouch Jr. to an Azkaban sentence felt more suitable.

4 Winky The House Elf’s Involvement With The Crouch Family

The subplot of Winky, the Crouch family house-elf, was quite central to the Goblet of Fire book’s plot. In the film, Winky isn’t blamed or even discussed to the same extent. Enlisted by Barty Crouch Sr. to look after his convicted Death Eater son, the chain of events that stem from Barty Jr.’s escape is largely left unexamined.

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Winky’s firing as the Crouch family elf and her subsequent descent into a life of regret and butterbeer drinking. It was of course, very interesting to see how this one tiny elf’s life could be so inextricably entwined with matters that affect the wizarding world. However, the film steered clear of this extensive history and Winky’s hardships exist solely within the books.

3 The Weasleys Meet The Dursleys

For fans of the Goblet of Fire film, things kick off in a satisfying way when Harry, Hermione, and the Weasleys attend the quidditch world cup. There’s plenty to see and experience, as travel by portkey is introduced in the film, as well as a rather harrowing attack by the Death Eaters after the championship is won by Ireland.

Unfortunately, the film doesn’t show the moment that Harry’s awful aunt, uncle, and cousin meet the Weasleys. The wizarding family arrives at the Dursley’s via Floo powder, but things quickly go from bad to worse. Its inclusion in the film could have provided fans with a small sense of triumph, as the Weasleys genuinely wreak havoc on the all too deserving Dursleys.

2 Durmstrang And Beauxbatons Are Mixed Schools

One of Goblet of Fire’s cinematic highlights is getting to see three different wizarding academies come together and compete for the Triwizard Cup. Yet despite Hogwarts being a mixed school, the film portrays Beauxbaton and Durmstrang as single-sex academies.

This might seem a minor deviation from the source material, which maintained that both Durmstrang and Beauxbatons were also mixed schools. But this change served to highlight the fact that Harry, Ron and Hermione were growing up, and the introduction of attractive wizards from other countries was more interesting as a result.

1 Harry Witnessed The Trial Of Bellatrix LeStrange

There are many firsts for audiences in Goblet of Fire, and among them is the introduction of the Pensieve. With its ability to bring its users into the memories of others, the Pensieve is an even more powerful tool than Harry realizes, as it aids him to understand the Death Eaters.

Unlike the book, the big screen version of Goblet of Fire leaves out Harry witnessing the trial of Bellatrix Lestrange via the Pensieve. The omission denies audiences a substantial amount of foreshadowing, as it’s Lestrange who eventually kills Harry’s godfather, Sirius Black. Her promise to return to the wizarding world alongside Voldemort is haunting, to say the least.

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