10 Dangerous Homemade Automatic Firewood Processing Machine

Charging that so-called “sanctuary” cities that protect illegal immigrants are jeopardizing domestic security, Attorney General Bill Barr announced a slew of additional sanctions that he called a “significant escalation” against left-wing local and state governments that obstruct the “lawful functioning of our nation’s immigration system.”

Richmond, VA –-(Ammoland.com)- The “Assault Firearms” bill (HB 961) in Virginia passed the Public Safety Committee on Friday.

On Monday, the legislature read the bill for the first time in the full House of Delegates. The full House of Delegates will vote on the bill before the annual crossover day. Crossover day is where the Senate sends all passed measures to the House and vice versa.

The bill will ban magazines that hold more than 12-rounds, Shotguns that hold more than seven shells, semi-automatic rifles with certain cosmetic features, suppressors, and trigger actuators. There are other things in the bill that gun owners are overlooking.

The bill reads:
MOREThe bill reads:

A San Antonio, Texas woman just trying to make an honest couple of extra bucks by selling homemade tortillas has gone accidentally viral because she, apparently, is not up to date with the latest in dildo design.

The woman, named Peggy, began selling her produce on Facebook Marketplace. To help illustrate that her tortillas were authentic and scratch-made — and thus worth purchasing — Peggy included a picture of some freshly rolled dough in her post, with the rolling pin she used included in the shot.