10 Superheroes From Invincible And Their Marvel & DC Counterparts

Amazon Prime’s Invincible came as a breath of fresh air just as the post-Avengers:Endgame superhero fatigue was setting in. It reminded mainstream audiences that superhero stories don’t just have to be stories of good against evil with often very few consequences. 

The show, just like the Robert Kirkman comic books, paints the superhero genre in a more realistic, grittier light, and it does a wonderful job of both paying homage to and satirizing some beloved and well-known characters from more famous comic universes, displaying counterparts of many iconic DC and Marvel heroes.

10 Darkwing And Batman

Even with the brief amount of screen time the Guardians of the Globe had, the parallels between the chief defenders of Earth in the Invincible universe and The Justice League were hard to miss. Darkwing, as the non-powered, brooding, martial artist and gadgeteer of the group, was undoubtedly inspired by Batman.

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Both heroes find a way to keep up with their super-powered allies and nemeses through their use of clever gadgets, their martial arts prowess, and their stealth. Darkwing’s dive from the shadows on Omni-man was textbook Batman.

9 Red Rush And The Flash

The resident speedster of Guardians of the Globe bears an uncanny resemblance to another scarlet speedster. Red Rush and DC’s The Flash not only share the power of super speed, but they also have the same color palette.

As is the case with most superheroes in Invincible, Red Rush brought an air of realism to the power as he discussed how inconvenient it is to live in a world where everyone is considerably slower. Unfortunately, his impressive speed wasn’t enough to save him from Omni-Man.

8 Rex Splode And Gambit

The flirtatious kinetic energy manipulator of Teen Team and the New Guardians Of The Globe is very reminiscent of the X-Men’s Remy LeBeau. They both share essentially the same power of manipulating the kinetic energy around objects in order to make them explode.

While Gambit mostly sticks to his trademark playing cards, Rex uses a variety of creative and explosive objects in battle such as the toy letters he used in his fight against Machine Head’s gang of mercenary villains. Though Rex lacks Gambit’s signature Cajun charm, he maintains his (sometimes detrimental) level of self-confidence.

7 Green Ghost And Vision

Density manipulation is an often underrated superpower. Guardians of the Globe’s Green Ghost shares this superpower with another core superhero team member from the Marvel universe in Vision. They can both control their densities and fly.

The similarities don’t end there as both heroes seem to have gained their sentience through a gem. Green Ghost uses the power within a jade amulet and Vision famously gained his powers through the infinity stone on his forehead (at least in the MCU).

6 War Woman And Wonder Woman

A team paying homage to the Justice League wouldn’t be complete without a Wonder Woman counterpart, and this is where War Woman comes in. Even without the alliteration and similarities in the names of the DC and Image Comics characters, Wonder Woman and War Woman have a lot in common.

They have very similar powers to each other in super strength and almost invulnerability. Even if it wasn’t stated openly, War Woman comes from another time, just like Wonder Woman. War woman seems to have replaced Wonder Woman’s sword with a large mace.

5 Battle Beast And Doomsday

The sight of a colossal monster who simply wants to fight someone of equal strength standing over the body of a defeated alien with the powers of flight, super strength, and invulnerability is a moment etched in comic book history forever. 

Just like his DC counterpart, Doomsday, all Battle Beast really wants is someone who can challenge him in combat somehow. Unlike Doomsday, however, he doesn’t just want to destroy his opponents. Battle Beast spends his life exploring the universe to find honor in combat.

4 Atom Eve And Scarlet Witch

Atom Eve and Scarlet Witch have very similar superpowers; they can shape reality into whatever they want. With the power of reality manipulation, these two characters display completely opposite sides of the coin in terms of how they use their powers.

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Atom Eve was at her happiest living in her tree and helping the people without waiting for a super villain to attack. She irrigated deserts and helped crops grow faster. Scarlet Witch, on the other hand, held an entire town hostage, rewriting their history and reality completely.

3 Martian Man And Martian Manhunter

These two shape-shifting Martian superheroes share more than just incredibly similar names. While they both have shape-shifting powers, Martian Manhunter uses his abilities as a way to keep his secret identity, “John Jones,” intact, whereas Martian Man utilizes his shape-shifting prowess in a more Reed Richards-like way.

What they truly have in common is how both of them essentially lost their home worlds of Mars. John’s Mars was decimated by a mental plague, and Martian Man’s home planet was seemingly run over by an alien invasion unwittingly caused by Mark Grayson.

2 The Immortal And Vandal Savage

The Immortal is the only Guardians of the Globe member inspired not by a hero, but by a villain. The Immortal’s resurrection scene presented audiences with a glimpse into the immortal hero’s journey throughout the human ages. His time as a highlander, a knight, and Abraham Lincoln of all people were displayed in quick succession.

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This shows quite the parallel with the DC villain Vandal Savage, another immortal, super-powered character who lives throughout human history under various aliases such as Cain or Genghis Khan, attempting to conquer Earth, rather than save it. They both have similar facial hair, too. 

1 Omni-Man And Superman

The similarities between Omni-Man and Superman stem from the question that rests at the heart of the series: what if Superman was evil? Both of them tell the audiences the story of a god living among humans. Excluding the heat vision, frost breath, and the x-ray vision, Superman and Omni-Man have very similar powers and presentations.

Where they are separated from each other is what makes Invincible a compelling series. As opposed to Superman, Omni-Man isn’t concerned with fitting in with humans. He can put on an act when he needs to, but deep down he has no regard for humanity. 

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Author: Emre Ok