10 Things You Need To Know Before You Play The Overwatch 2 Beta

The long-awaited release of Blizzard’s Overwatch 2 is just mere months away, and some lucky gamers have been given the opportunity to play the game’s closed beta to check it out ahead of the official October 4th launch. Originally released in 2016, Overwatch quickly took over the world with its refreshingly vibrant gameplay, maps, characters, and more. However, the game split its fan base with competitive-oriented changes, and an eventual lack of new content and support saw the player base shrink.

Part update and part true sequel, the arrival of Overwatch 2 comes with new characters, new maps and game modes, and some significant changes to how battles play out. With all of these important changes, there are several things that players looking to join the beta need to know before jumping in.

10 Overwatch 2 Multiplayer Is Free To Play

Similar to live-service games (and often going hand-in-hand with them), many popular modern-day games have either begun as free-to-play or have later become free, allowing a wide range of gamers from all backgrounds to come together and enjoy different games – and often across different consoles.

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Overwatch 2 will be adopting this very same premise, allowing anybody on the latest consoles (and PC) to enjoy the game at no extra cost. Microtransactions are available for most free-to-play games, allowing gamers to further enhance their gaming experience, and Overwatch 2 is no exception, opting for a battle pass system rather than the aforementioned loot boxes.

9 No More Loot Boxes

When Overwatch first launched, loot boxes were the only practical way to obtain cosmetic items to customize heroes and were often rewarded to the player for leveling up. Over the years, different ways to collect unique cosmetic items were introduced, following suit with most other multiplayer games – resulting in loot boxes slowly becoming irrelevant.

In one of its biggest changes from the first game, Overwatch 2 has completely thrown loot boxes out of the door, opting instead for the infamous battle pass, a progression system that will allow gamers to unlock certain items throughout a season. This change is a welcome one amongst fans and comes in the light of many big controversies involving microtransactions throughout gaming – so it’s reassuring to see Blizzard do the right thing.

8 Overwatch 2 Will Replace Overwatch

Live-service videogames have quickly taken over the modern age of gaming, allowing a game to continuously receive support to keep gamers engaged and happy whilst keeping their progress. Similar to Epic Games’ Fortnite: Battle Royale, this allows a game to remain exciting years after its release, and completely eliminates the need for a sequel.

Gamers were concerned when Overwatch 2 was initially announced, as it didn’t seem like Blizzard could create an adequate sequel. However, Overwatch 2 will fully replace the original Overwatch, allowing fans to continue playing the game they love into the latest generations whilst also enjoying the new features, carrying forward all their progress, cosmetics, memories, stats, and more.

7 PVP Changes

Whenever game developers release an update for their game, it’s a guarantee that multiple different gameplay mechanics and character abilities will be adjusted, changing the game in both very minuscule and very distinctive ways, all with the goal of improving the game.

Redditors analyzed Overwatch 2’s gameplay prior to its release, with many gamers discussing potential PVP changes they would want to be implemented into the game. For better or worse, the majority of Overwatch’s PVP gameplay has been changed. From the new 5v5 matches to the new team composition consisting of two DPS, two support, and one tank hero (and even individual character reworks), Overwatch 2’s new updates will revamp the game entirely – and the beta will allow gamers to experience these changes first-hand.

6 Four New Maps

Overwatch’s unique charm can be attributed to many things, from its vibrant cast of heroes to its subtle story-driven PVP gameplay. Arguably, Overwatch’s greatest defining feature comes in the form of its maps, which offer a futuristic and stylized look at our real world’s locations for gamers to battle in.

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Multiple new maps will be playable in the Overwatch 2 beta, from the brand new Paraíso map that focuses upon Lucio’s home town, to the maps that have returned from the previous beta – Circuit Royale, Midtown, New Queen Street, and Colosseo – all of which will help expand Overwatch’s rich, lore-full world, keeping the game fresh and giving gamers entirely new locations to discover.

5 PVE Experiences Are Coming

Overwatch’s lore truly helps the PVP shooter stand out from many other popular multiplayer games, giving a justifiable reason for all the fighting that occurs based deep into Overwatch’s extensive story. Incredibly, Blizzard managed to craft this beautiful world with just multiplayer maps, as no single-player experiences were ever available aside from a few events, much to the dismay of fans.

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Luckily, Overwatch 2 will finally be bringing out some permanent story-based experiences, which will give fans a long-awaited proper deep dive into Overwatch’s extensive story. However, story-based PVE events won’t be available in the beta, rather they will be continuously released throughout 2023 and beyond, giving Blizzard time to prepare their globe-trotting adventure whilst gamers enjoy PVP matches.

4 Introducing Sojourn

Vivian Chase, also known as Sojourn, was formerly both a Canadian Special Forces Officer and an Overwatch Leader who made her debut as a damage hero during the last Overwatch 2 beta on PC and will now be available for console gamers too. From childhood, Sojourn started having cybernetic ‘enhancements’ put into her body, resulting in her cyborg-like appearance.

Despite being Overwatch 2’s first playable new hero, Sojourn is quite difficult to get the hang of, so players new to Overwatch may want to use someone easier. Sojourn sports a Railgun, Disruptor Shots, Secondary Fire, and Power Slides, making her fantastic in both close and ranged combat. Furthermore, her ultimate move, Overclock, utilizes her abilities to their full capability, piercing enemies with unavoidable charged-up shots from her railgun with unlimited ammo.

3 The New ‘Push’ Mode

One of the most exciting new features gamers are looking forward to experiencing in Overwatch 2 is its multiple new PVP modes, the first of which will be available to play in the beta.

This new mode is called Push and happens to be relatively similar to one of Overwatch’s signature modes, Payload. Two teams will both help escort a robot pushing a barricade across the map, aiming to get the robot as far as possible towards their opponent’s side of the map. Gamers will enjoy checking out this brand new mode throughout the beta on two maps – Rome and Toronto – and later in Portugal when the full game releases.

2 Rolling Seasons

Continuing with the trends of modern-day gaming, Overwatch 2 will be adopting rolling seasons, similar to Fortnite: Battle Royale and Call Of Duty: Warzone, that continually keep the game fresh, exciting, and most importantly engaging. These seasons will each come with a new battle pass, meaning items will only be obtainable during each season – and therefore giving gamers motivation to succeed.

Every other season has been confirmed to introduce a new hero, and will consistently bring new maps, events, new modes, PVE experiences, PVP changes, cosmetics, and more, keeping Overwatch truly fruitful and vibrant all year round. Overwatch’s seasonal approach is incredibly exciting and could lead to the game having some great memorable seasons similar to Fortnite.

1 Introducing Junker Queen

Junker Queen, Overwatch’s latest tank hero, will be available for gamers to play during Overwatch 2’s beta test. Helming from Australia and leading the maddening Junker Town, the Junker Queen is a brutally savage yet stylish new addition to Overwatch’s vast roster and is the perfect hero for intense close-range battles.

Her abilities loosely mimic Junkrat’s, with her Scatter Gun, Jagged Blade, Commanding Shout, and Carnage abilities making her an uncontrollable and all-powerful menace in close quarters. Junker Queen’s ultimate ability, Rampage, is by far her best-defining feature – as when she charges forward, she prevents her enemies from being healed, all whilst inflicting gradually increasing damage to her enemies, helping players stir up chaos and dramatically change the tides of battle.

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Author: Paul Jack